Case Study: Social Networking and Social Responsibility

Social resources and its use keep important implications in the interest ethics ground.

Read the fact con-over: Political Networking and Political Responsibility (pp. 410-417) and discourse the questions institute on pp.416-417

Questions for Discussion


1. What are the benefits and risks associated after a while a association’s use of political networking?

2. Are there any weighty differences among a association’s use of political networking technologies and an special use?

3. As a political resources user, are you solicitous that your advice is tracked for “advertising” purposes? Why or why not?

4. Compare IBM’s privy political network Blue Pages after a while a notorious political- networking top love Twitter or Facebook. Do you fancy user advice is any safer on Blue Pages? Why or why not?

5. What responsibilities do companies keep touching privy association political- networking tops? 6. Do you fancy it’s just for companies to infer and dissect user facts from political- networking tops in adjust to wave consumers? Why or why not?

Case Con-over Assignment guidelines:

The answers to the fact con-over questions should be interjacent in double-spaced Word instrument and comprise in-text APA citations and a References page.

Make indisputable you apply to the grading rubric for this assignment

The assignment is due by 11:59 pm on Sunday.

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Grading Criteria – Unit 6 Political Networking and Political Responsibility


Thoroughly discoursees fact con-over questions. No past than 15% of the yielding is frequented cite. Student relies on tabulation and expatiation to evince reason of esthetic.


Contains no real or habitual errors


Submission is no fewer than 500 utterance INCLUSIVE of questions and applyences.


Includes APA-formatted in-text citations and References page. REQUIRED.