Case Study Project

To be wilful written In this occurrence con-over, take that Circuit City compensated you as the new leading notification director (CIO) to acceleration relaunch the audience into a global e-commerce multinational audience. Create a PowerPoint offer or transcribe a article containing the IT strategic artifice that allure harangue Circuit City e-commerce examples. The subjoined notification should be expert in the offer (Each 150-200 control). 1. History of Circuit City 2. What were the issues and challenges that caused the evanescence of Circuit City in 2009? 3. What are the issues and challenges delay Circuit City 2018 hindmost e-commerce example? 4. Discuss the superior competitors in global e-commerce. 5. How would IT utter rate to the affair? 6. Proposed the IT infrastructure required to foundation global e-commerce 7. Proposed the IT budget for the e-commerce example 8. Discuss the IT based risks associated delay global e-commerce 9. Discuss how IT can leverage innovative technologies such as political resources, big postulates and affair apprehension to contribute rate to the affair 10. Discuss the coming or emerging technologies that would be leveraged to grant Circuit City a competitive usage. Bid Price: $12 Self written consequently no plagiarised plz. Submit a report Due date: 12th June 2020