Case study post modern therapist perspective

Imagine wilful in the role as client and employ techniques habitually used in postmodern approaches to to you as a client. (Application) Exploration and reflecting of your singular counseling fashion. (Caring & Learning How to Learn) Directions: Assume the perspective of a postmodern therapist, and illusion how you would returns by echoing the questions allied to you as a client. (1) Assume your therapist asks you what you most failure to complete from your therapy (or to aver your superior curative design). In compact stipulations, what would be one material design you failure to complete? (2) Imagine a example that you government failure to address. If your therapist said, “Tell me encircling a era when your example did not await,” what would you say? (3) Assume your therapist asks you: “If a astonishment happened and the example you accept was solved overnight, how would you apprehend it was solved, and what would be divergent?” How government you rejoinder? apa format and righteous estimate responses  Margins - 1 Inch Font - Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri (12pt) Spacing - Double Length - No Page Length (Questions must be answered totally)  Number your responses