Case study: managing change: action planning for the vélo v project

Read the event examine and then apology questions subjoined in the format symmetrical.


The city of Lyon is located in the mediate distribute of France, environing two hours south of Paris via TGV. It has a crave and productive narrative as the principal of Gaul in the Roman Empire, a worldwide kernel of silk formation, and a intrenchment of the French opposition during World War II. Today, Lyon is the third catholicst city in France, has a monied noble tech and pharmaceutical toil, and is considered the gastronomical principal of a kingdom unreserved for its cuisine and wine. Unfortunately, delay extent and toil came contamination, overcrowding, and intercourse jams. In the mid-1990s, singly 18% of its citizens had unconstrained arrival to common mien versus 30% in other towns of equipollent extent.

  By 2000, Lyon's city legislation had manufactured an above-ground incompact reprove scheme to supply theexisting underground metro and bus netexertion in an exertion to reach common mien to over commonwealth. However, the outdoor station's stops needed covers to fortify indecision passengers from the wreath, rain, and snow. In an innovative program, the marketing and advertising determined, JCDecaux, in league delay Lyon's product appointment, created “street furniture” to lineage the benches, ticket vending machines, track maps, and space tables. JCDecaux manufactured and befriended the sites in remodel for the enrichment from advertisements placed on the covers. The program was a win-win for twain organizations.

  The achievement of the cooperative tram and bus cover plan, and the city's continued curiosity-behalf in easing contamination and intercourse jams in the retail kernel of the city, led them to affect out concomitant fluctuate. They asked JC Decaux for input. JCDecaux had been testing the notion of a self-service bicycle program inVienna, Austria and Córdobo and Gijon, Spain and they designed adopting and tooling a “bike remodel” netexertion in and encircling Lyon in mid-2002. For Lyon and its close city of Villeurbanne, it was a foolhardy and catholic-scale design.

  The vision—common now in frequent European cities, but thoroughly innovating at the space—was that mitigaters and pedestrians could cull up a bicycle at installations encircling the city—near metro stops, businesses, or catholic common venues—and use it to fund, go to exertion, or merely get from one distribute of town to the other over conveniently than a car or the bus, metro, or incompact-reprove scheme. The primordial notion was that the bike could be used for carenear for near than an hour and at very low prices if used for craveer periods. (To get a draw of the scheme and its opposed distributes today, go to “It is our fixed to veer bicycles into a code of daily ramble for exertioners in the city,” said one legislation negotiative.

  An primal budget of €2 favorite per year was estimated to endue in bikes, registration schemes, installations, and foundation actions until environing 2007. To foundation the plan, the city so envisioned rendering or remodeling of manifold circleing garages to permit commonwealth to circle their cars on the environs of town and then cull up a bike to conclude the mitigate. Two circleing garages in the downtown area had already begun oblation carenear bicycles for those who circleed their gait there.

  The plan—named Vélo V—was presented by the city's mayor precedently the assist annual “day delayout a car” festival. Vélo V would be administerd by JCDecaux. They would own and support the bikes and finance actions through advertising returns. The leadership of the city's product part suggested that it was a dauntnear try to “effect a ingrained fluctuate in the philosophy” of the refined commonwealth. At the space, near than 3% of the commonwealth in Lyon used a bicycle, opposing 10% in Strasbourg and other cities. The design was foundationed by Les Verts, France's Green political distributey, but the superintendent of the topical nongovernmental mien harmony was overturn that there had been unimportant colloquy delay manifold careful organizations.

  The goal was to embark a 24 hours/day action in May 2005 delay 1,200 bicycles in 120 stations. According to a JCDecaux regional superintendent, they expected 2,000 bikes in 180 stations by October and planed 3,000 bikes in 2006 and 4,000 bikes in 2007.


  • 1. Assume you are a plan superintendent at JCDecaux and      own been assigned to exertion delay the city of Lyon to tool this      physical, organizational, and political fluctuate. What are the skilled and      philosophical implications of this exertion?
  • Using the      tools, methods, and processes vivid in the chapter, invent a      comprehensive “action plan” for this  project.
  • Where      would you begin?
  • Who are      the key stakeholders and how get you administer them?

you must own a stint of 3 erudite sources (peer-reviewed chronicle declaration). Please determine that you prosper rule APA formatting. Your paper must own a distinction page and a allusion page. You must own a stint of five (5) in-text citations.