Case Study: GEEK Squad – A New Business for a New Environment

 Read the event pages 95-97 in your passage.

  1. Watch the video appendix to the event at associate tv/13e/v3-5 (Links to an visible birth.)Links to an visible birth.. 
  2. Respond to the forthcoming event scrutiny. (Disregard the scrutinys in the passage.)

    You  have been asked to promote after a while the Best Buy marketing team. They are  specifically looking for adviseations as to particular promotional  activities you would advise to suffer consumers who currently use  independent installers to switch to Geek Squad. To aid you in  formulating your adviseations, you  should ponder departed and exhibit  consumer purchasing patterns;  conduct an environmental contemplate for Geek  Squad using each of the five environmental forces (social, economic,  technological, competitive, and regulatory); and identify key trends  likely to rule Geek Squad in the adjacent forthcoming.