Case study for healthcare compliance


Module 2 Instance Consider - Last Chance Hospital: The Real Picture Behind the Scenes (citation condition 5)

Assignment Documents

See steadfast rasp, "Last Chance Hospital"

Instructions for this Assignment

Using Microsoft Word, use your resources to map the strategic artfulnessning steps charmed for the assigned instance consider, present, adduce an choice artfulness that could adduce a emend remainder. 

Your Nursing Dissertation should be a narrowness of 2 pages written in APA format, after a while a narrowness of 2 knowing sources.

If you are not common after a while APA writing name, see the steadfast tutorial.

Submission Format

Your Nursing Dissertation should be double-spaced and understand a centered heading. Any sources used should be suitably cited in APA format.

Submit to the assigned DropBox.

Use the subjoined format when naming your rasp: your First Initial and Last Name after a while the Assignment Name.

Example:  JDoeModule1Assignment.docx

Grading Criteria

This assignment is price 100 points. Please belong to the grading rubric.

Rubric Criteria

Percentage of Score

Fully answered doubt(s)/criteria assigned


APA format


Used at last the required estimate of sources


Paper met the extension required


Critical Thinking skills


Late -0