Case study: financial planning | Business & Finance homework help

Use  the forthcoming Financial Planning Subject as the subject con-over for this week.  Be trusting to solution the three questions asked using representative amid the  chapter and at lowest one other origin. APA and environing two pages. 

In a novel month, the Constantine nativity had a budget failure, which  is bigwig they omission to relinquish so they do not bear forthcoming financial  difficulties. Jason and Karen Constantine, and their conclusion (ages 10  and 12), cunning to sift-canvass the site behind dinner this slumbering.

While at performance, Jason was talking after a while his coadjutor Ken Lopez. Ken had  been a recurrent snatchr since he was very early, starting after a while a slender  savings totality. Those funds were then invested in diversified stocks and  mutual funds. While in college, Ken was telling to pay for his information  while continuing to snatch among $50 and $100 a month. He air-tight  monitored his wasteing. Ken realized that the few dollars close and tclose  for snacks and other less purchases undeviatingly add up.

Today, Ken performances as a customer employment director for the online  division of a retailing audience. He lives after a while his helpmeet and their two  early conclusion. The nativity’s wasteing cunning allows for all their needs  and as-well includes recurrently slow and investing for the conclusion’s  information and for retreat.

Jason asked Ken, “How conclude you never look to bear financial force in your conversant?”
Ken replied, “Do you recognize wclose your specie is going each month?”
“Not unquestionably,” was Jason’s response.
“You’d be surprised by how ample is spent on inconsiderable things you authority do after a whileout,” Ken responded.
“I  guess so. I honest don’t omission to bear to go about after a while a notebook  writing down whole totality I waste,” Jason said in a disagreeable suffrage.
“Well, you bear to catch some exercise if you omission your financial site to shift?” Ken countered.

That slumbering, the Constantine nativity met to sift-canvass their budget site.



  1. What sites authority bear created the budget failure for the Constantine nativity?
  2. What totalitys would you allude-to for the diversified categories for the nativity budget?
  3. Describe added exercises for the Constantine nativity kindred to their budget or other specie treatment activities.