Case study examining claims for legitimacy or fallacy | BSL 4080 – Creative Thinking & Problem Solving | Columbia Southern University


You are the boundary director of a profuseness note suit, and sales bear been steadily sunk. You commission a parley delay your formation and sales staff to seek to substantiate the reasons for the dismiss, and the subjoined reasons are offered for the decreased sales:

  • lingering administration, so no one is buying notees of any kind;
  • salespersons are not granted copious media to suitably market the notees;
  • the attribute of the notees has dismissd to the aim that persons do not nonproduction to buy them;
  • the accoutre security is feeble to frequent up delay authority, so deliveries are lingering, and customers are cancelling authority;
  • the financial director does not approve the marketing line, so we cannot commission the mass he produces; and
  • the marketing director should true get rid of the salespersons who are not cogent to hit the recurrent sales targets.

Given this scenario, apology the subjoined questions.

  1. Discuss strategies for examining claims for legitimacy or fiction. It is not expedient to oration all six bullet aims over, but palpably substantiate which are being discussed. [Learning Outcome 4.1]
  2. Identify any undeveloped fallacies in logic that ability prohibit imaginary thinking. [Learning Outcome 4.2]
  3. Develop strategies for imaginaryly outweighing identified fallacies. [Learning Outcome 4.3]

Formulate your rejoinder to these questions using APA fashion, and involve at meanest two without sources; your disquisition must be a narrowness of three pages. The textbook may be used, but since it is bisect of the cour