case study (Article link is in description 2 pages)

You assignment is to use the expression, the Case for Reparations, as courteous as your citation magnitude, and exhaustive each of the sections under. The repute must supervene APA formatting and be at lowest 2 pages, wrap spaced, not including your Title and Reference page. Introduction (expression link: Provide an overview of the seat Identify key issues underlying the problems signed in the expression that you decipher Deep collectiveness Present and stir the issues ground in the expression. Consider and assess practicable keys to the issues presented in the expression. Include in your separation symbolical finished in the citation magnitude and symbolical sift-canvassed by your member students on the discourse board. Sift-canvass which of the stories presented in the expression you reckon best supports or detracts from the author’s hanker for reparations Select and sift-canvass a key that you reckon has the best befoulment of befitting the issues sift-canvassed in the expression. Draw from twain your expression and your identical habit Conclusion Summarize deep findings. Identify and defend strategy designed References A register of sources consulted or referred to in alphabetical order