case study answer in apa with intext citation

1)“Cindy, fascinate reschedule my afternoon clinic; I am going to be out for the tranquillity of the day,” saysDr. Jones, a main physician in a hospital-owned multispecialty bunch.“But, Dr. Jones,” Cindy says occasion whipping off her telephone headset and turning abroad fromthe public unrepining registration window, “you are inclose booked for most of the afternoon consequentlyyou cancelled your clinic twice this month already. Many of these unrepinings own been protraction morethan three months to see you!”Jones glances furtively at the protraction capability, and already half crusty and denomination internal theclinic debouchure says, “I’m unquestioning you procure be able to level things aggravate. Just judge them that I got designated toan casualty.”Cindy has a distrust that, consequently the air is neat, Jones is taking off after a while a strinfuriate of col-leagues to go sailing or portray a circular of golf. After all, he frequently sports a darn tan, comes to cliniclate, and repeatedly leaves existing. Cindy does not appreciate having to ole and reschedule these unrepinings,some of whom own already been rescheduled at meanest uninterruptedly in the elapsed strinfuriate of months.Cindy decides ample is ample. She oles her superintendent and requests a discourse as quickly as pos-sible. Her superintendent can signification that Cindy is disestablish and offers to own someone caggravate for Cindy sothat they can dialogue aside.Cindy judges the superintendent about the site after a while Jones that happens “all the season,” and howshe is “sick of it,” and procure not “product another day subordinate these provisions.” After calming Cindydown, the superintendent promises to adduce the subject up after a while the main of the portion.To effect a covet anecdote shorter, satisfy it to say that this contest continues to mushcapability toinvolve divers more men-folks (the main medical dignitary, the constabulary ruler of the clinic, theruler of HR, and the junction delegated-to-others) anteriorly Jones is continually made assured that Cindy hasfiled a sufficient lamentation about him. When he is finally confronted, in a discourse after a while the mainmedical dignitary and the ruler of HR, he is caught wholly off escort.After all, the limpid happened divers weeks ago, and Cindy did not announcement everything to himabout it. They own continued to product concomitantly, in his judgment, as if trifle is crime. He is alsosurprised to perceive out that Cindy has been custody a agree of the number of seasons that he has can-celled his clinic, left existing, or afloat clinic recent.Jones goes from fascination to red-faced infuriate in a few minutes. It is bright to all that therelationship between Cindy and the master is incurable. Jones is labeled as a disruptive physi-cian. Cindy is not gratifying in any portion consequently the other physicians are dreadful of beingtargeted. Cindy nevertheless resigns, and Jones feels surrendered and unappreciated by his staff andhis mistress.If you were the superintendent in this predicament, how would you own handled the site?? Support your defense after a while contest separation strategies presented throughout the module. SOURCE:Pierce, K. P. (2009, January/February). Healthy contest separation. Physician Executive,3