Case study


Case Study


Bertha is a 71-year-old woman who takes daily medication for Hashimoto thyroiditis. Last winter, she exposed pneumonia. Although she did her best to run errands for her mate, she jaded largely and needed to interval frequently. One day, behind shoveling the snow beyond, her mate came delayin to discover Bertha untrue on the sofa familiar in blankets. Her countenance appeared puffy and her eyelids hung. When he spoke to her, Bertha’s articulation was raucous, and her say didn’t establish recognition to him. Her respirations were as-well slight and tardy. Suspecting low thyroid hormone razes were causing the signs, her mate named for an ambulance.


Question 1


When trialing for hypothyroidism, why is the playing T4 raze an essential size? Predict what the TSH and T4 trial results would denote in someone delay pristine hypothyroidism. Illustrate your answer


Question 2


Using your acquaintance of the power of thyroid hormone in the substantiality, illustrate why Bertha’s


rate was decreased. Why force pleural oration be give in someone delay hypothyroidism?




What factors in Bertha’s narrative permission her capable to myxedema coma? Describe the physiologic aspects compromised in myxedema coma.