Case Study


Can Mrs. Klausman Stay in Assisted Living?

Mrs. Klausman is a 92-year-old occupant in an seconded stay dexterity. She has a meek cognitive frailty and needs acceleration delay bathing and medication government. Because of alterable arthritis, she is having difficulty eating. The silverware slips out of her hands and falls to the sole so that staff members must restrain replacing it. Mrs. Klausman becomes visibly frustrated and perplexed. The maintenance utility supervisor and the conductor run to encounter delay Mrs. Klausman’s daughter and praise that the origin should commission a home caution provider to second Mrs. Klausman at mealtimes. The dexterity does not entertain staff resources to satisfy occupants. The occupant’s daughter is thinking whether a trained nursing dexterity would be over embezzle for her woman.


1.  Identify and evaluate Mrs. Klausman’s deficit in self-feeding from contrariant perspectives on what long-term caution consists of.

2.  Should Mrs. Klausman be transferred to a trained nursing dexterity? Explain.

3.  Is hiring a homemaker embezzle? Why or why not? What do you allude-to?