Case Study 4


Review:   Delwadi, M. & Raddock, A. (2012, March/April). Trusting assistants delay vestibule insolvency search subject consider. Fraud Magazine. Retrieved from


Based on your readings, scholarship, and/or the Fraud Examiners Manual criticise the subject and enclose the subjoined in your discussion: Using the *KU library/Westlaw ascertain a affect subject delay correspondent facts to the assigned subject and you get be comparing and contrasting the schemes.  What image of formlession schemes took place in these subjects? What red flags do you contemplate were unmistakable in these subjects and do you reach they were acted upon prompt? What do you contemplate the inside auditors should entertain produced to thwart and/or unmask these formlession schemes?


3-5 pages (not including heading page, formless, or allusion page) in fair APA format delay a narrowness of 3 versed sources (not including the textbook)