Case Study Project--Revised Draft


For this contrivance, you accomplish excellent one of the collective childrens underneath and you accomplish transcribe an essay where you total the subjoined:

  • Describe a “authentic duration” precedence of this collective children in a functional or a indivisible enhancement.
  • Discuss your perspective on this children, including the reasons for your viewpoint.
  • Discuss how your kernel values instruct or swing your perspective on this children.

Due Date and Tramp Percentage:

The revised draft of this contrivance is due by the end of Week 8. This contrivance is price 30% of your terminal way tramp.

Connection to other Way Assignments:

  • This is the culminating assignment, where you accomplish tie coincidently all of the instructation and ideas from the way.
  • All of the balbutiation, despatches, opineing, and discussing that you bear executed aggravate the spent sundry weeks bear led up to this assignment.


  • Be abiding to understand an initiatory article, 4-6 collection articles, and a remotest article.
  • In your initiatory article(s), distinctly plan the “real-life” precedence and grant a disquisition declaration that indicates your perspective.
  • Include details, results, and pleads from at smallest three of the assigned balbutiation excellentions to acceleration you expand and prop your defense to the essay ready.
  • Show you are verily opineing environing your children—don’t establish for not-difficult rejoinders, don’t propound that dashing exemplification doesn’t remain, and don’t move that you bear to siege an either-or lie.
  • Talk environing the complexities of your excellented collective children. For result, do not lawful close that using academic converse is frequently amiable, or that council surveillance is frequently bad, or that lucre automatically manages to vigor. Opine environing the intricacies of these childrens and how they illustrate out in natural duration.
  • Paraphrase and pmanage skillfully. This resources: 
    • When you put celebrity in your own utterance, the author’s signification dregs penny, but your sentences and utterance are expressively contrariant (not lawful a few utterance progressive).
    • Use “quotation marks” when including an author’s direct utterance.
      • Ravitch transcribes, “yadda yadda rhetoric yadda yadda” (p. 178).
    • Use your ticklish utterance to manage into pleads, and number your reader who you are quoting.
    • Use your ticklish utterance succeeding a pmanage to teach how the pmanage attachs to your own subject-matter.
  • Take spell to proofread succeeding you’ve written your essay. Opine environing the kinds of mistakes you contribute to form (enjoy using run-on sentences or inappropriate capitalization) and observe out for those.

Length and Format:

  • Your terminal result should be a stint of six articles (environing 900-1100 utterance) in tediousness. However, the tendency of the resigned of this essay is most weighty. Be abiding to amply rejoinder the ready.
  • Your tract should be typed, double-spaced and in 12-subject-matter font.
  • Your tract should use APA-style documentation for in-text citations.
  • Your tract should be written in regular, academic prose. Be abiding to pay vigilance to using total sentences, rectify spelling and rhetoric, and no “text converse.”

Choose one of the subjoined collective childrens as the centre of your instance study:

Issue #1: Converse and Power

Language is one of the most foundational aspects of tenderness. Rita Mae Brown describes converse as “the roadmap of a culture” owing “it numbers you where its crowd are from and where they are going.” Converse encompasses so ample of who we are as food-souls and as a communion, yet abundant never bung to opine environing the role of converse over its sway in communicating. Rita Mae Brown elevate teachs that “converse exerts unrecognized sway, enjoy the moon on the tides.” If converse is verily so compelling, then, as Franz Fonan put it, “mastery of converse affords distinguished sway.” Our use of converse can acceleration us to attach delay expressive others and immanent occupation partners. Our use of converse could be the disagreement betwixt a death or unsound tramp. It could to-boot be the disagreement betwixt getting compensated for a job and substance exceptional as an petitioner. Angela Carter characterized converse as the “the utensil of superiority and immunity.” In other utterance, converse can be used to improve, but it can to-boot be used to action. It is up to us, as food-souls and as members of communion, to prefer the ways in which we use converse and the sway that it carries.

Issue #2: Immunity and Security

When debating the neutralize betwixt immunity and guarantee, it is frequently notable that Benjamin Franklin uniformly declared: “Those who would grant up redundant franchise, to acquisition a tiny limited confidence, win neither franchise nor confidence.” This effort betwixt immunity and guarantee continues to acception in inadequate of the ever-increasing role that technology illustrates in our functional and indivisible lives. Speaking to the collision of technology, Misha Glenny asserted that, “the Internet has genial a new and entangled environment for an age-old doubt that pits the demands for guarantee across the long-for for immunity.” Whether it be larger childrens enjoy cyberguarantee and terrorism or a over indivisible children such as monitoring our children’s online activity, the effort betwixt immunity and guarantee is frequently give. Perhaps, one of the principal challenges that we visage indivisiblely and as members of a global communion is balancing our insufficiency for immunity delay our insufficiency for guarantee.

Issue #3: Vigor and Wealth

In our capitalist communion, there seems to be ongoing obsession delay coin and symbolical lucre. Everything from collective resources to rap music to substance television seems to fuel our long-for for over coin and for over things. Coin and symbolical goods are convenient to our intellect of what it resources to be lucrey.   Contrary to this conceptional, Mahatma Gandhi teached that, “it is vigor that is authentic lucre, not pieces of gold and silver.” While most would concur that vigory food is weighty, it seems as though our long-for for vigor is frequently minor to our quest for lucre. As A.J. Reb Materi put it, “so abundant crowd bestow their vigor gaining lucre, and then bear to bestow their lucre to repossess their vigor.” This begs the interrogation, what directly is vigor? Furthermore, what role does lucre illustrate in food a vigory duration? One would simply insufficiency to tramp through the radical minority of the topical grocery ammunition to authenticize that vigory food can be wholly expensive. In the identical way, one would simply insufficiency to revisal a new-fangled medical score to see that not food a vigory duration can to-boot be wholly expensive. As a communion and in our indivisible lives, we must confront ways to reunite our insufficiency for vigor delay our quest for lucre.