Case problem

On a Thursday dawning Tanya happened to see an old companion, Dino, in the parking lot, opportunity agreeing noticed his car, and told Dino she demanded a car fair far and was looking for one normal relish his.   Later that succeedingnoon, thinking encircling how abundant reform off he would be succeeding a while some wild coin rather than that car, Dino mailed a signed communication to Tanya's station stating that although the car was relish “his baby” and in “perfect case,” he would “retail the car to you for $6,000.  Demand to discern anteriorly proximate Tuesday”, and stating prefer, "Sale is ‘as is’.  Must possess the $6,000 in coin by proximate Wednesday."  She accepted the communication Friday succeedingnoon.       On Saturday, regretting having sent his communication, Dino sent a fax to Tanya's station stating, "Tanya, I can't retail succeeding all;  pink lubricate and unclouded style whole.  Besides, I don't demand coin fair now succeeding all. Hope you discern."  (Signed Dino.)       Being occupied figuring out how she could get unitedly the $6,000 Coin so straightly, Tanya did not go to her station that weekend and so did not gather encircling the fax until Monday dawning, normal a few minutes succeeding she had mailed a signed communication to Dino stating in segregate, "Thanks for the exhibit.  I accomplish buy the car for $6,000, on the conditions you exhibited, but it is going to be obdurate to get the coin unitedly.  Would it be ok to pay $5,000 on Wednesday and the difference 5 days after?"   Dino responded by talking encircling having style wholes and the fax, but Tanya ignored that and demanded he go through succeeding a while the communicate.  Dino claimed his assurance was unenforceable and no curtail existed.  Who accomplish win?  Why?   Explain easily.  (Use IRAC to composition your rejoinder).