CASE MANAGEMENT FOR GERONTOLOGY Please different each Part from each other for clarifications UNIT 2: DB Unit: Geriatric Condition Convoy Practices Part 1 Deliverable Length: 400 to 500-word moderate column after a while at smallest two 100-word exculpations Assignment Details Describe your incomplete bearing for convoying a geriatric needs toll that is certain to unravel a peculiarity condition convoy instrument for your geriatric unrepining. Decipher how the apprehension gleaned from your toll earn food your line as an efficient condition superintendent. Why do you deem this bearing may remainder in a reform peculiarity of estate for your unrepining? Please critique the bearing incomplete by other students and prepare external feedback on opportunities for gaitment, justifying your feedback. Your exculpation to the moderate dissequence inquiry must be substantive (400-500 opinion), citing your sources. RESOURCES Beaty, D. D. (2015). Approaches to dissolution and perishing: A cultural similarity of Turkey and the United States. Omega: Journal of Dissolution & Dying, 70(3), 301-316. doi:10.1177/0030222815568962 Frilund, M., Eriksson, K., & Fagerström, L. (2014). The regardgivers' possibilities of providing divinely good-tempered-tempered regard for older inhabitants - a consider on regardgivers' divine bearing. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, 28(2), 245-254. doi:10.1111/scs.12047 Haynes, V. (2016). The Road to Cultural Competency: Are We There Yet?. Kansas Nurse, 91(1), 11-14.  Mendieta, M. (2015). The perishing habit at settlement and the hospice regard organization: A kind of nurses, source members, and the unrepining. Journal of Convoy Policy and Practice, 16(2), 38-47. UNIT 3: DB Unit: Geriatric Condition Convoy Practices Part 2  Deliverable Length: 400 to 500-word Assignment Details Reflecting on the gratified of this sequence, distinctly this part, what are some of the dignified challenges confrontment geriatric condition convoy today? Choose one and decipher how you would go encircling addressing it. RESOURCES Greene, R., & Hunt, G. G. (2017). Who is my brother's outpost now? Caregiving: yours, mine, and ours. Generations, 41(2), 71-78 8p. Retrieved from Hall, S., & Beatty, S. (2014). Assessing intellectual good-fortune in residents of nursing settlements for older inhabitants using the FACIT-Sp-12: a cognitive interviewing consider. Peculiarity Of Estate Research, 23(6), 1701-1711. doi:10.1007/s11136-014-0627-6 Tacchino, K. B. (2017). Preventing financial father affront. Journal of Personal Finance, 16(1), 78-88. Retrieved from Waird, A. (2016). The role of gait regard pur-posening in end-of-estate regard for residents of patriarchal regard facilities. Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing, 33(4), 26-34. UNIT 4: DB Unit: The Business of Geriatric Condition Management Deliverable Length: 400 to 500-word Assignment Details Collaboration leverages the collective apprehension of a soundness regard team. Peer evaluation and food, prepared in the essence of rectilineal gaitment and organizational good-fortune, remainder in higher peculiarity deliverables than are generally potential by the efforts of an peculiar. Describe the line you pur-pose to use to convoy elimination, warrant findings, and unravel the Comprehensive Project that is due in Part 5. RESOURCES Harrington, C., Ross, L., & Kang, T. (2015). Hidden owners, hidden produce, and thin nursing settlement regard: A condition consider.International Journal of Soundness Services: Planning, Administration, Evaluation, 45(4), 779-800. doi:10.1177/0020731415594772 Pesis-Katz, I., Phelps, C. E., PhD., Temkin-Greener, H., Spector, W. D., PhD., Veazie, P., PhD., & Mukamel, D. B., PhD. (2013). Making troublesome decisions: The role of peculiarity of regard in choosing a nursing settlement. American Journal of Public Health, 103(5), E31-E37. Ucar, B., & Nisanci, Z. (2015). Are faith-based, long-term regard nonprofit organizations further efficient? A contemplate consider of nursing settlements in Virginia. Journal of Religion and Business Ethics, 3(1), 1-33. UNIT 5: DB Unit: GCM: Clinical Issues and Challenges Deliverable Length: 400 to 500-word Assignment Details Address the aftercited points in your Dissequence Board entry: How earn the competencies and apprehension knowing throughout this sequence food your line gaitment      in soundness regard convoy? RESOURCES Dobner, S., Musterd, S., & Droogleever Fortujin, J. (2016). Ageing in place: Experiences of older adults in Amsterdam and Portland. GeoJournal, 81(2), 197-209. Retrieved from Honorato Dos Santos de Carvalho, V. C., Rossato, S. L., Fuchs, F. D., Harzheim, E., & Fuchs, S. C. (2013). Toll of original soundness regard ordinary by the fatherly and soundness allied peculiarity of estate: A cross-sectional consider. BMC Public Health, 13(1), 605-613. doi:10.1186/1471-2458-13-605 Kerbler, B. (2013). Older inhabitants and the innovative forms of maintenance and regard. Anthropology Magazine, 13(2), 73-87. Lohne, V., Rehnsfeldt, A., Råholm, M., Lindwall, L., Caspari, S., Sæteren, B., Nåden, D. (2014). Source regardgivers' habits in nursing settlements: Narratives on anthropological good-manners and chagrin. Elimination in Gerontological Nursing, 7(6), 265-72. doi: