Case: chester & wayne | Business & Finance homework help

Chester & Wayne is a regional help division order. Mr. Chester, CEO, has asked your help in preparing capital-flow advice for the ultimate three months of this year. Selected accounts from an cessation redress quibble continuanced September 30, possess the subjoined redresss:



Accounts payable


Marketable securities


Other payables


Accounts receivable






Mr. Wayne, CFO, provides you delay the subjoined advice established on habit and skillful-treatment system. All sales are praise sales and are billed the ultimate day of the month of sale. Customers paying delayin 10 days of the billing continuance may captivate a 2 percent capital remittance. Forty percent of the sales is remunerated delayin the remittance date in the month subjoined billing. An added 25 percent pays in the corresponding month but does not hold the capital remittance. Thirty percent is cool in the promote month succeeding billing; the leavings is uncollectible. Added capital of $24,000 is expected in October from renting unused warehouse room.

Sixty percent of all acquisitions, hawking and professional expenses, and advertising expenses is remunerated in the month incurred. The leavings is remunerated in the subjoined month. Ending catalogue is set at 25 percent of the introduce month's budgeted consume of movables sold. The order's sensual emolument averages 30 percent of sales for the month. Selling and professional expenses flourish the formula of 5 percent of the popular month's sales plus $75,000, which includes diminution of $5,000. Advertising expenses are budgeted at 3 percent of sales.

Actual and budgeted sales advice is as flourishs:



















The order achieve win equipment consumeing $250,000 capital in November. Dividends of $45,000 achieve be remunerated in December.

The order would love to restrain a insufficiency capital redress at the end of each month of $120,000. Any debauchery amounts go pristine to revenge of short-term borrowings and then to siege in marketable securities. When capital is needed to obtain the insufficiency redress, the order system is to hawk marketable securities precedently borrowing.

Questions (use of spreadquibble software is recommended):

1.  Prepare a capital budget for each month of the fourth forbearance and for the forbearance in entirety. Prepare supported schedules as needed. (Round all budget schedule amounts to the right dollar.)

2.  You as delay Mr. Chester and Mr. Wayne to introduce your findings and fall to import along your PC delay the budget pattern software. They are worried encircling your findings in Part 1. They possess obviously been arguing balance infallible assumptions you were abandoned.

1.  Mr. Wayne thinks that the sensual room may recoil to 27.5 percent owing of preferable acquisition prices. He is restless encircling what collision this achieve possess on borrowings. Comment.

2.  Mr. Chester thinks that "stock outs" befall too frequently and wants to see the collision of increasing catalogue levels to 30 and 40 percent of introduce forbearance's sales on their entirety siege. Comment on these changes.

3.  Mr. Wayne wants to break the capital remittance for ready liquidation. He thinks that possibly collections of an added 20 percent of sales achieve be tardy from the month of billing to the introduce month. Mr. Chester says "That's ridiculous! We should growth the remittance to 3 percent. Twenty percent over would be cool in the popular month to get the preferable remittance." Comment on the capital-flow collisions.