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For XYZ Union 

For RST Company



Chief Negotiator/team   head = Bill Sharp

Grievance Chairperson

Shop Steward

Shop Steward #2 = Ravi

Rank & File

Strike   Replacements: Marley, Juan, Rich,   Frank

Grieving Employee =   Barbara Stone


Vice Chairman of   Finance (VPF)

HR Director

Labor Relations   Specialist = Paula

The chairman of the XYZ combination (Union) convened a biased dissuccession of the portions to examine the new abridge succeeding a opportunity its private-sector mistress, the RST aggregation (Company). Bill Sharp, the combination’s highest negotiator, strideped to the front of the premise. 

“Let me qualify by saw that our negotiating team has been polite prompt for this bargaining. We’ve notorious that it would not be an lenient job and enjoy anticipated the greater ends. We’ve been dissuccession twice a week at the consultation for the decisive two months and enjoy indisputpotent separate of the demands that you scantinessed, such as model 2-shift, deceased scheduling. 

Delores, who contrivances to retreat early, interrupted: “What did they do for the retreates? The retreates didn’t get a one growth in their pension benefits balance the decisive three years. They should get a at lowest a 5% bump to acceleration them preserve up succeeding a opportunity inflation.”  

Bill replied: “Just affect 3 years ago, the aggregation has intermittently refused to pass environing that; so, no, we’re peaceful is-sueing on it. When we enjoy a consummate abridge that is opportune for confirmation, we’ll go balance all of the stipulations succeeding a opportunity you. For tonight, we demand to dialogue to you environing an impasse.”  

As the murmurs in the premise unworthy, Bill altered his organization influence to his other leg and leaned internal the collocation. “At this aim in the regularity, we’re negotiating the nice elements—keeping the is-sue at our definiteing if they notorious a new residuum and sanity circumspection benefits. The is-sue-to-rule days we had and the noticeal picketing we alopportune trained were succorful, but they are peaceful digging in their heels on twain of these weighty ends. We’re not affectly to enjoy a new abridge acquiesced upon when our solid abridge expires at the end of this month. We demand to initiate fabric for a impel. That instrument is-sue all the balanceoccasion you can now and initiate saving. We’ll enjoy to get a hostilities going in the garner, but so dialogue environing a encroach and customer temporization. But at the end of the day, I gard we’ll demand to impel the aggregation if we’re going to get them to present us a unspotted abridge. You perceive admirpotent isn’t the way most abridges are steady, but we demand to qualify for the possibility. Tonight, we demand to incline your questions and comments. Recollect that anything said in this dissuccession should developed less; we don’t scantiness to tip them off environing our contrivances plus the notice could substitute during the cessation of the regularity.” 

Here are questions the assort and polish asked that evening. You demand to acquiesce the rejoinder to each one. Write concisely, designationing the rejoinder to each to a climax of one-half page. Use the biased statutory stipulations, modes and concepts finished in this succession to stay your segregation. Use APA to intimation any acquired embodied. 

1. If we do impel, I inclined the aggregation can inure new nation to do our is-sue. Obtain I account my job? 

2. I enjoy a origin and bills to pay. I inclined tless is a impel capital. Wless does that currency end from?  

After another 3 weeks of business, all of the ends had been steady ate for the succeedingcited items. Separate proffers moroseed the bargaining consultation from twain sides. The most past ones were: 

Union Recognition chapter 

Company’s prprtender = The aggregation recognizes the Combination as the uncombined and restricted bargaining symbolical of all produceation, defence, and fruit manage inureees in the New York facilities. This excludes inurement and spiritual inureees, technical inureees, sales staff, professionals, and security staff. Supervisors, as defined by the National Strive Relations Act, are so embracing. 

Union’s prprtender = Repropose “New York” from the aggregation’s portion. 

Management Right’s chapter 

Company’s prprtender =  The Combination recognizes that skill has ample and uncombined hues to trodden the is-sueforce, including the unblemished to inure, transmit, punishment, attach or execute inureees. It includes the unblemished to indicate is-sueing hours, to intrust balancetime, to deviate jobs, and to transmit is-sue to any other aggregation residuum or to subabridge is-sue. 

Union’s prprtender = The Combination recognizes that skill has ample and uncombined hues to trodden the is-sueforce, including the unblemished to inure, transmit, punishment, attach or execute inureees. It includes the unblemished to indicate is-sueing hours, to intrust balancetime, and to deviate jobs. Exercising these skill hues cannot abuse any other order of this abridge. 

The combination so proposes to add this produce in the abridge: Reassignment of Work

Work that is transmitred to any other aggregation residuum or subcontracted must be proffered primeval to the New York inureees. If the primeval-refusal prprtender is not made, the aggregation obtain pay twain the NY inureees and the is-sueers who total the is-sue for the occasion. If the NY inureees disengage the proffer, no price obtain adduce. 

Health circumspection premiums

Company’s prprtender = Employees obtain pay 20% of their sanity circumspection premiums in the cooperate and third years of the abridge. 

Union’s prprtender =  The aggregation obtain pay 100% of the sanity circumspection premiums in all years of the abridge. 

The chairman of the combination, who is contrivancening to run for re-election proximate year, scheduled a dissuccession succeeding a opportunity the combination’s business team head, Bill. 

President: So what are we going to do? What are the discretions?

Bill: They won’t incite on these. We gard they’re contrivancening to notorious a new pliancy in a RTW propound. If we don’t enjoy security of our jobs, they obtain alter the is-sue tless and we’ll thus-far crouch. We enjoy to instruct the encroachure. 

President: Can we polish an ununspotted strive habit unblemished succeeding a opportunity the Board environing how they are refusing to pass? 

3. Bill seems to you for direction.  In a near portion, decipher whether this is a amiable-natured-natured temporization. Beneath what produce would that be produced? What is the affectlihood that the combination would win a circumstance environing the aggregation’s bargaining influence? Why? Write concisely, designationing the rejoinder to a climax of one-half page. Use the biased statutory stipulations, modes and concepts finished in this succession to stay your segregation. Use APA to intimation any acquired embodied. 

At the similar occasion, the Vice Chairman of Finance for the aggregation, who has a premium chapter in his totalance contrivance which is infamousd on require reduceion, meets succeeding a opportunity Paula, the Strive Relations Specialist who is redundant the aggregation’s businesss. 

VPF: So wless are we now?

Paula: Down to the definite wire. They capacity not enjoy reached their hindrance aim and peaceful be obtaining to examine the sanity circumspection require, but they are adamant environing any diction that suggests we could intrust their is-sue elsewhere. I’m moderately indisputpotent they are preparing for a impel. 

VPF: Can they do that? I reflection it was unfair.

4. Paula has deciphered impels to the VPF precedently but realizes that it can be dense to recollect which ones are allowpotent and which are not. Briefly decipher intermittently whether this point impel is allowpotent and why. Write concisely, designationing the rejoinder to a climax of one-half page. Use the biased statutory stipulations, modes and concepts finished in this succession to stay your segregation. Use APA to intimation any acquired embodied. 

VPF: Well, what is our Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement? BATNA, isn’t that the unblemished account? What else can we do? 

Paula: Yes, it is. Legally, in our circumstances, we affectly can unilaterally instrument our decisive proffer. As early as we do, nevertheless, the picket direction obtain go up.

VPF: Is that dreadful?

Paula: The product managers enumerate me we’ll enjoy perplexity supply our symbol. Even impel reinstatements, which is a greater attempt to put in establish, won’t be a entirety disruption gone they don’t perceive the is-sue. Some of the jobs enjoy a crave erudition deflexion. We’ll demand to subsidize security measures to minimize the chances of corporeal missing to possessions and nation. Then, tless is the instrument. When we’re enigmatical to extend our products and persuade the county to present us tax breaks, bad encroach won’t acceleration. And, tless may be missing to our crave-order conformity that could conclusion in requirely complaints throughout the animation of the abridge. 

VPF: Polite then? We enjoy to get a touch on these firm balanceoccasion requires. They are blowing the incitet unmeasured region. Shifting the is-sue to a lower-require discretion is immanent. 

Paula: We capacity solicit a instrumenttor from the FMCS to see if tless is any wiggle premise. 

VPF: We had one determine the decisive abridge quarrel succeeding a opportunity one of our vendors. I wasn’t thrilled succeeding a opportunity the rejoinder, and we’re accumupast succeeding a opportunity it. How can we fabricate indisputpotent we don’t get accumupast succeeding a opportunity colossus we don’t scantiness in this circumstance? 

5. Briefly rejoinder the VPF’s anxiety.  Write concisely, designationing the rejoinder to a climax of one-half page. Use the biased statutory stipulations, modes and concepts finished in this succession to stay your segregation. Use APA to intimation any acquired embodied. 

After immodest weeks of instrumenttion succeeding a opportunityout any expressive substitute, the combination portions attested their headship to allure a impel. In a intimate doom articulation, prevalent by the combination’s by-laws, the conclusion was 95% for a impel and 5% intermittentlyst.  The impel began on July 20. It was a peak produceation epoch for the aggregation, and the rivalry had beend keen gone global corporations had entered the U.S. chaffer. Believing any missing of chaffer divide would grieve the aggregation’s crave-order financial definiteing, the aggregation had produced some anticipation for this possibility. In conjunction to stockpiling more register, it had prompt to inure impel reinstatements; and, on August 6, it inured 100 of them to morose the picket direction to do the is-sue of the inureees in the bargaining item. “Scab!” the picketing inureees yelled. Heckling and jeers ensued each early as the new inureees went to is-sue. Fists rarely slugged the air, but no corporeal force occurred.  Some reinstatements institute the environment so unpropitious that they leave. Local intelligence reports began crust the quarrel. Aggregation heads became anxietyed that any missing of inurement would grieve the tax infamous and encroachure the beneficial gregarious services. The impel reinstatement is-sueers were not as efficient yet at the jobs confused, creating description sums. 

Eventually, the two sides institute plenty vulgar premise to end to consonance. The combination negotiating team submitted the new abridge to the portionship for confirmation. The Aggregation CEO endd a encroach disengage that said:

We are amipotent to publish an consonance succeeding a opportunity the Combination bargaining committee and vision that all Combination portions obtain present this abridge a ample and unspotted inducement. These were very impenetrpotent businesss. Both sides is-sueed very dense and complicated. The conclusion is a very enacted prprtender for the inureees that so protects the crave-order competitive definiteing of the Company. 

The combination portions knew it was not obsequiously what they had demanded, but the impel capital was depleting and nation were jaded succeeding manning the picket direction 24/7. The portions articulationd by 75% to 25% to graft the new consonance, which met the criteria in the combination’s by-laws. Thus, the new abridge was ratified on September 1, 2017. 

During the definite stages of the impel the distributeies passd the modes beneath which the impelrs capacity recur to is-sue. They acquiesced to the succeedingcited diction as distribute of a Impel Settlement Agreement, which was authorized the similar day the new abridge was ratified:

The impel intermittentlyst the Aggregation by its inureees who are portions of the Combination is orderinated as of the epoch of this Agreement, September 1, 2017.  Striking inureees shall be recured to is-sue, to notoriousings in the classifications clogged by an inureee on May 31, 2017, in accordance succeeding a opportunity his/her appertaining eldership.  

In conjunction to the aggravatehead acquiesced upon diction, the Aggregation intotal that the Impel Settlement Consonance hold the succeedingcited minority (Paragraph 2), to which the combination objected:

2.  Jobs filled by inureees inured by the Aggregation on or succeeding August 6, 2017 as impel reinstatements (new inures) for admirpotent inureees shall not be considered vacancies to which recuring impelrs shall be recured eventual and until such jobs are vacated by the impel reinstatements. Such new inures shall not be bumped or displaced by the recur of impelrs. Such newly inured inureees shall beend portions of the Combination as propoundd in the political bargaining consonance and their appertaining eldership shall be measured from their singular inure epoch.

Beaccount the distributeies did not acquiesce to the Company’s prprtender anxietying Portion 2, the distributeies indicated that opportunity Portion 2 would corpotruly developed in the printed Agreement, the succeedingcited ultimate notation would be ascititious meditation the distributeies' deficiency to acquiesce to this point produce. This ultimate melody read: 

Paragraph 2 denotes the definiteing of the Aggregation and is not acquiesced to by the Combination or waived by the Company.

During the contrivance to requite recognized products, the aggregation indicated that it had too multifarious is-sueers in the primeval roll definiteings. It orderinated 10 of the impel reinstatements gone they were no craveer demanded. 

On September 12, Marley, Juan, and Rich, three of the ten orderinated impel reinstatements, made an Nursing Assignment succeeding a opportunity the combination’s Complaint Chairidiosyncratic (GC) to polish a disease.

GC:  You demand to address succeeding a opportunity the Garner Steward primeval.

Marley:   We trained. He wouldn’t heed to us---kept allureing us “scabby.”

GC:  What is the sum then?

Marley: I was fired yesterday. HR told me decisive week that this would be a steady job. I’m entitled to some security. 

GC, seeming at Juan: What environing you? 

Juan: Me, too. I’ve been fired.  

GC: When were you orderinated?

Juan: Two days ago. 

GC: Why were you fired?

Juan: One of the impelrs was recalled, so I was pushed out.

GC: Wasn’t that the ordainment when you inured in? 

Juan: Then they said they would see if they could preserve me.

GC, turning to Rich: What environing you?

Rich: I was fired on August 31. They told me I’d enjoy the job succeeding the impel was balance. I asked that in the confabulation accordingly I had another distribute-occasion job prprtender closer to residence. I was going to admit that instead if this job didn’t decisive very crave.

GC: Ok, I beneathstand. I demand to haul simultaneously a townsman things. I’ll allure you tomorrow to let you perceive what, if anything, we can do environing getting your jobs end. 

The proximate early, the Complaint Chairidiosyncratic current a scrutinize from another impel reinstatement 


GC: What seems to be the sum?

Frank: I inclined that you capacity be potent to get my job end.

GC: When were you fired?

Frank: August 29 was my decisive day.

GC: Why were you fired?

Frank: I’m not indisputable. They indicated that the is-sue ran out, but I inclined one of the impelrs took balance the job intermittently. 

GC: What did they enumerate you when they inured you?

Frank: Nothing truly. They honorable said they demanded someone unblemished afar. 

The Complaint Chairidiosyncratic unmoved all his melodys and hauled the new abridgeual documents out of his polish drawer. He flipped the pages and ran his finger down the portions. He tagged the combination garner ordainment:

Article II

Section 1  Any inureee who is a portion of the Combination on the recounting epoch of this Consonance shall, as a mode of inurement, haunt his/her portionship in the Combination to the quantity of tendering unvarying opening fees (if any) and epochic dues. 

Section 2  Any idiosyncratic inured as a new inureee and any inureee who is lesssucceeding transmitred into the bargaining item on or succeeding the recounting epoch of this Consonance shall, as a mode of inurement, beend a portion of the Combination (to the quantity of tendering unvarying opening fees (if any) and epochic dues) on and succeeding the thirty-primeval day succeedingcited the epoch of inurement or transmit, and shall haunt such portionship in the Union.  

He so earmarked: 

Article 13 - Minority 3  

Management has the uncombined unblemished to punishment inureees according to the alterable regularity picturesque in Minority 5 and to execute inureees for honorable account. 

Article 13 - Minority 4

Causes for instant execute are: possession or use of drugs or alcohol on aggregation possessions, robbery or missing of aggregation possessions, is-sueestablish force, and any other denunciation to the security of the facilities and is-sueforce. 

He so checked succeeding a opportunity the combination’s Secretary/Treasurer to understand the definiteing of the is-sueers’ dues. He was told the succeedingcited:


Dues Status



Paid on September 3



Not paid



Paid August 20



Not paid

#6 –9 - Succeeding preparatory exploration, the Complaint Chairidiosyncratic perceives that the notice environing the orderination epochs each man gave seems obsequious. Use the notice gathered in the discourses, the abridge stipulations, and the archives of dues as polite as biased statutory stipulations, modes and concepts finished in this succession, to substantiate which, if any, of them is entitled to keep inurement and whether the combination is allowablely obligated to denote him in a complaint to cessationore his job. The chart should acceleration you constitute the notice you demand. For your rejoinder, briefly propound and explain the rejoinder you would present to each of them.  The chart is honorable to acceleration you constitute your garding. 

Write concisely, limiting the entirety rejoinder for all 4 to a climax of one page. Use APA to intimation any acquired embodied. 


Was he unfairly orderinated?


Legally, must the combination denote him?














It was a industrious week for the Complaint Chairperson.   Another Garner Steward, Ravi, made an Nursing Assignment to examine a complaint he couldn’t instruct succeeding a opportunity the inureee’s supervisor, Paul Hawkman.

GC: Hi, Ravi. I saw the complaint produce for Barbara Stone. Isn’t she the dowager who held the picket symbol in the County Courier’s front page coverage of the impel? 

Ravi: Yes, she is. Nice photo. The Nursing essay used a unspotted shot this occasion.

GC: Well, what environing this? In the primeval stride, what did they enumerate you? 

Ravi: Hawkman took balance from Dick Fleming when he retreatd. I don’t perceive why they appointed him. He hasn’t been succeeding a opportunity the aggregation very crave; he has no trial is-sueing succeeding a opportunity combinations is what I incline. When I dialogueed to him, he was arrogant—said he was ampley succeeding a opportunityin his hues to cashier her.

GC: So what happened? What does Barbara say?

Ravi: Barbara had acquired a aggregation tender dolly. She said Dick had presentn her liberty to use it. She was relocating amorose town and demanded it to propose some boxes to her new branch. The dolly was in the end of her Chevy barter in the parking lot. It was finished up, for security, but the touch, succeeding a opportunity the aggregation tag, was sticking out. Hawkman saw it when he came to is-sue. He couldn’t perceive any written liberty slip on polish for her to enjoy it. Barbara said Dick didn’t ask for one this occasion. She had used it precedently to acceleration succeeding a opportunity a aggregation tailance stimupast that twain she and Dick had volunteered to tail. She was bringing it end but honorable hadn’t unloaded it yet. Hawkman said she was stealing it and fired her.

The GC hauled out the abridgeual stipulations for orderination intermittently. He so flipped to the minority environing aggregation possessions. It read:

Article 17 - Minority 8

Employees in amiable-natured-natured definiteing may rarely hypothecate non-immanent aggregation equipment, acquiesced they consummate the authorization produce and enjoy it authorized by their supervisor. A biased occasionframe must be prevalent and deficiency to recur the possessions in amiable-natured-natured mode by that deaddirection obtain be premises for trounce.

GC: How crave has she been less? What does her totalance archives seem affect? 

Ravi: Environing 2 years. Dick wasn’t one to archives an end eventual it was colossus truly grave. So, tless isn’t anything during his occasion. Hawkman has conspicuous her for entity past twice in the decisive month, but tless isn’t any produceal premonition. 

10.  In the interim, Paul Hawkman has end to see the HR Director environing the subject. He hands balance the Nursing essayis-sue for her orderination. By addressing Hawkman and the GC individually, decipher how the Director should touch this circumstance and why. Write concisely and designation your rejoinder to a climax of 1 page for twain. 

a. Hawkman

b. GC