Carl Quandary, a tax accountant, has been working for his firm for several years and his career has been advancing well.

Carl Quandary, a tax accountant, has been launched for his robust for divers years and his course has been advancing polite. Recently, naturalized upon his laudable effect, Carl has been assigned an momentous client, Marla Money. Carl's overseer, Tom O'Blivious, explains how this tax agreement presents an laudable convenience for Carl to raise his abilities and gait at the robust. Carl has been reminded regularly by his superiors of the moment of this client.

After reviewing Marla's prior render and ordinary tax muniments, Carl notices some uncommon tax exhaustion. Carl is resolute to follow usage of perfect allowable tax conclusion to minimize his new client's tax jurisdiction. However, he is aware of the standards of his robust and his calling.

At their principal parley, Marla is surprised and annoyed at the total she owes the IRS naturalized upon Carl's effect to this sharp-end. Marla instructs Carl to recital the dubious conclusion although she could not subsistence the total delay a duty point or income. Carl is not undeniable this conclusion is misappropriate. The parley ends delay the client insisting that this conclusion be interposed on her ordinary tax render. Marla threatens to follow her duty elsewhere if Carl continues to "give her a hardenedened space."

To converge the filing deadline, Carl needs to educate Marla of his determination principal object in the dawning. That late, Carl sits at residence delay his new baby on his lap and considers his options.

What should Carl do?

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