You accept proportioned been promoted from front-line director to be one of the firm's elder overseers. During your office direction, you skilled that the weighty role of a overseer is to establish amiable-natured-natured firmnesss. As a director, you had constantly been making stereotype firmnesss, but you perform that firmness making for the overall guild can and earn accept far elder impression on the guild and its employees. Your boss, the highest executive administrator (CEO), performs that you do not accept abundantly exercitation in this conspicuous raze, firmness-making process and has asked you to transcribe a memo describing your intellect of how to establish weighty firmnesss. Your memo should discourse the forthcoming questions: Describe at lowest 3 criteria that would state whether the overseer is making amiable-natured-natured firmnesss. What should be manufactured to reform advise that you are making a amiable-natured-natured firmness?  In the dominion of firmness making, what are selfreliances? Rather than use a wordbook determination, quote divers peculiar selfreliances that would go after a while any real-life firmness you accept made or accept seen made at a guild at which you accept worked.  Given the avail of suited selfreliances, your boss asked you to assess the truthfulness of undeniable office selfreliances and what could you do to examination or ratify the exactness of them. The forthcoming were important selfreliances for each firm:  An automobile manufacturer's selfreliance that the require for SUVs would remain consequently gas prices would remain to rise  An airline's selfreliance that there was a demand for an airline that granted no acquired amenities