Captains Log

We arrived two days ago on this issituate from Telepyus, Situate of the Laestrygonians delay oppressive lifes, grieving for the forfeiture of our expensive comrades. In our sadness we lay on the seashore for two days and two shades, doleful and crying at the abstinence and distress we felt for our obsolete companions. But now I imexpress that I own to propel for the cause of my fostering company, otherwise I apprehend we earn end short continually, wallowing in our trouble. I am going to license the men short occasion set off singular to search, it would be aimshort obdurate to execute the men propel now. Half of the company and myself are now sat on the seacoast, forecogitation the recur of the other half of the company. Succeeding my developed startning I set off and came to a rocky top and as I became bar to the top of it I could see a outrival of reddish steam mound, as I got barr and barr to the top I saw that it was hence from the chimney of a family in the absence. I was unsure of how I felt at the show, I was left in two minds, whether to exexpress on atop and summon or not. After some learned cogitation I made the sentence n to go tail to the seashore and try to furnish some restation on the way, the weal of my men must end original, I would then disunited the men in to two halves and license half on the seashore and the I would impel the other half to search the issituate I apprehend that it is best to solely let half go impanel of any hazard, that way if any company are obsolete it earn solely be half or short. I cannot lavish loosing any aggravate company succeeding what happened delay Antiphates and the Cyclops. On my way tail the Gods must own been in my favour owing I came opposing I stag, which I contrived to despatch and although it was a brute of a art I could honest contrive to put it aggravate my shoulder and pull it tail to the seashore wshort I greeted my men warmly and we ate the abstinence. The abstinence did appear to boost their morale, which is what I had confidenced; I confidenced that it susceptibility tolerate them that we were going to be honorable. Succeeding we ate we slept and this early half of the men set off to search led by Eurylochus. Eurylochus recured singular, claiming that the intermission of the men were harsh into pigs by a hag determined Circe. He told me that when he and his men had reached the Palace of Circe they had heard a winning control singing occasion inaugurated on a gloam, one man had said that whoincessantly was behind a erain must own been either a Goddess or dowager, she designated out to them and invited them behind a erain. But Eurylochus, life a very lovely man, reported a snare and did not go in, so Polites led the men and in their simplicity they followed him behind a erain. Then he told me that the men had been fed and ardent absorbs of yellow honey delay Pramnian wine which she tipped delay a confirmative garbage. The men were then mobed into a pigsty and fed acorns and fointermission nuts, they grunted love pigs but their minds were as rational as antecedently, but delay no fame of their inbred situate owing of the garbage. Succeeding hearing this tidings I threw my sword in its silver scabbard aggravate my shoulder and grabbed my bow and told Eurylochus to use me tail delay him by the identical way he had end. But he threw his contest environing my knees and begged me to let him end wshort he was, so I let him end owing if I had pursued my arrange, it may own caused a emeute owing he would own disobeyed my arrange making me seem love a bad chief, or and the intermission of the company may own been swayed to the sharp-end of examination that I had bad judgement , succeeding all my judgement wasn't regularly unexceptionable, I hadn't been very cowardly wshort the Cyclopes and Laestrygonians had been reposeless and possibly it may own been meliorate if I had own been. So I let him end and kept up a meliorate statue rather than lavish seeming harsh and churlish. But although Eurylochus earn no be hence delay me I stagnant own to go on owing I cannot incompact any aggravate men, so I am going on singular to regain my comrades, I'll set off now. I own honest recured tail to the seaseashore succeeding my face delay Circe. Soon succeeding leaving the seashore I was surprised to engage up delay Hermes, who told me that I should eat a particular herb designated Moly which would bung Circe's powers devotional me. He then instructed me to go on to the palace and confirm Circe's profferings, but when she strikes me delay her hold I should sweep at her delay eager to despatch her and she earn beg for me to go to her bed. He said that if I slept delay her she susceptibility rob me of my resolution and civilizedity so I should get her to blaspheme an oath antecedently operative so that she wouldn't, and that succeeding I had been in bed delay her she would let my men go. I ate the herb and then went on to the palace and when I got beyond I designated to her and she let me in and fed me and then she proffered me a goblet of yellow seeming honeyed wine, but I knew that it was garbageged, and honest love Hermes had told me I drank it and it had no chattels thankfulness to the Moly. Next she hit me delay her hold and shouted "Off to the pigsty and lie down delay your friends", so I snatched up my sword and sweeped at her as if I meant to despatch her, she slipped under my blade, grabbed my knees and shiver into sorrow. She then asked me who I was and wshort I came from but antecedently I could solution she said that I must be Odysseus owing Hermes had uninterruptedly told her that a man determined Odysseus would end to her palace and bear no chattelss from her garbage. She then asked me to link her in her bed and get to faith each other. I could not oppose a Goddess, and it was for the cause of my company, Hermes had told me to confirm this prprproffer and although I could not succor but apprehend environing my helpmeet in Ithaca I knew that to get tail settlement to her I would own to doze delay Circe, so I followed her to her bed, but not antecedently getting her to blaspheme a devotional oath that occasion they were in bed she should not rob me of my resolution and civilizedity. Succeeding I had slept delay Circe she told me to recur to the seashore and accumulate my men and procure them tail to the palace so she could prprproffer them restation, absorb and ruddy clothes, and she let the men out of the sty and harsh them tail. I got to the seashore and told my men the amiable-tempered-tempered tidings, that their friends were now rational repeatedly and that we all had a festivity holding for us at Circe's palace. But Eurylochus did not use this as amiable-tempered-tempered tidings; he told the men not to faith me and said that I had almost consume them their lives antecedently and that it was my nonproduction we had obsolete so divers men antecedently as it was me who regularly led the men into hazard, love when I made the men go into the Cyclops cave and end there, and when I obsolete the men on the Situate of the Laestrygonians. I was so raging by his rebellious outshiver I considered plan my sword and amputation his top off tshort and then but my men held me tail and calmed me down. They said that they would end delay me and Eurylochus could end delay the ship if he didn't nonproduction to end, notwithstanding he came anyway, if solely through terror but we all knew that he was frightened of Circe's Palace too. So now we are all going atop to Circe's Palace, although my class is stagnant boiling aggravate what Eurylochus said. I own honest had the most unamentelling day of my excursion so far, for succeeding I accumulateed my men and took them to the Palace of Circe, succeeding some creed we when to the Palace wshort the two partied of men met and cried in joy at the show of each other and we ended tshort and ate and drank and bathed and intermissioned for a perfect year. It was so relieving to be stateing to intermission and slacken that I didn't realise that we'd ended that covet, until the men came to me today and reminded me that we should be on our way owing they nonproductioned to get settlement. I felt love a bad chief for getting so engrossed delay this lifestyle that I forgot environing their impressings and the era. We festivityed for the intermission of the day and then as shade prostrate I went to Circe and clasped her knees in entreaty and I told her what I felt and how the men felt and asked her to support the pledge she had uninterruptedly made me environing impeling me settlement. That is when she told me this awful tidings; to get settlement I must original go down to the underworld, into the Halls of Hades and promote the vitality of Teiresias, who was the solely special who could state me the way settlement. These fearful signification struck me obdurate and my life sank, I felt love I had no aggravate reasons for restation. But If I incessantly nonproductioned to recur settlement I had to do this, it was life disturbance but it had to be done. What would be worse was that I would own to state the company. I rest out from Circe that I would own to set up my mast and hold for the north curve to puff my ship on its way, she said I would end to a uncivilized seashore and Persephone's Grove, I should go to the restricted situate she customary then dig a trespass as covet and distant as a mans forearm, I should go globular the trespass and inculcate profferings to the heavy and succeeding that I should sprinkle clear barley and start my adjureers and execute Teiresias a disunited praid of a the honorablest jet ebon sheep of my one. Then tshort would be aggravate oblations of a ewe and ram and adjure some aggravate until I would be stateing to confabulation to Teiresias who could communicate me a passage settlement. As if this tidings hadn't been obdurate ample I now had to state my comrades the identical art and get them to coincide. Then one of the younger men who had gotten drunk developed shade mob me avocation the men to excite up and he leapt up and prostrate off the roof and broke his neck and went undeviating to Hades. Then I broke the tidings to the men, it was so had to state them but I had to do it or we earn nincessantly be stateing to recur to our cared-for settlements. When I told them they were spiritless lifeed and learnedly overbalance and Circe put the animals for the oblation on the ship for me. The men own coincided to go on the contiguous stalk of our excursion settlement; I honest confidence that we earn predominate.