Can you please answer this in detail 6 hours

1. Imagine that you are arduous to discern the efficient commissioner for a new distemper denominated “Coastline Fever”. Define how you could establish the efficient commissioner for Coastline Fever and detail its reservoir and jurisdiction of transmission.   2. You are started for a transplant team that is legitimate for tissue typing to detail the compatibility between donor and berth tissues. What molecules procure you be looking at on these tissues? Explain how these molecules are formed and why the look of a ripe companion is very low but dissectially better after a while a sibling. Also comprehend what these molecules do.   3. Explain the mode of inflammation. Comprehend the cells, stages and molecules concerned in the mode. Also define the 4 badges of inflammation and what dissect of the mode motives each badge.   4. Listeria is a gram direct bacillus that can motive gastroenteritis when ingested in decayed meat  and dairy products. Once Listeria is permitted in the tissues, the humoral immune rule procure be activated to fruit antibodies over Listeria. Outline how antibodies are fruitd including all of the cells,  molecules and activities concerned. Also argue how antibodies acceleration onset the Listeria antigen.   5. Probably the most consumptive total during an HIV taint is the event that HIV specifically infects and kills T accelerationer cells. Define A) How T accelerationer cells are activated and B) Why they are so grave to the whole immune rule.   6. Medical expertness is barely preparation to comprehend cancer, its motives and its after a while to our immune rule.  What is cancer? What motives a cell to behove cancerous? How would a cancerous cell be detected and then destroyed by the immune rule? (Include cells, molecules and any chemicals concerned.)   7. Explain the interest of Hemolytic Distemper of the Newborn. Be indisputable to comprehend what cells and  molecules are concerned and the principal immune mediators. Also define the tenor and how it  works.   8. Your cousin was honorable diagnosed after a while Type 1 Diabetes and she calls you for advice environing her  diagnosis. She heard that Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune distemper but doesn’t distinguish what that instrument. Explain autoimmunity in unconcealed and Type 1 Diabetes specifically. Comprehend in your argueion: what an autoimmune distemper is, how the mass protects over the product of autoimmune distempers, how an autoimmune distemper can lay-open and what happens in Type 1 Diabetes.