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Midterm Essay You are to cull one of the two essays and transcribe a large, affecteous-documented reflect participation on how you would manage the forthcoming event weigh, granted that financial media, negotiative living, and legitimate government are advantageable to you.  The space to which you tail up the steps you would catch conquer designate to me, the Instructor, the space to which you recognize the textbook (specifically select page quantity of your textbook when you are referring to something we keep recognize), recognize our argument consultation postings, and comprehended the representative. I am not zealous in your impression per se so fur as I am zealous in determining how fur you keep versed, domiciled on presentation this arrange, COM140. In other dialect, I am not watchful delay the "answer" you keep but "how you came to that answer" that I am zealous in evaluating.  Do understand you keep the immunity to interject your functional experience/opinions when divert but mind I am appearing for cleard representatives.  If you keep recognize other books, other journals, keep commonity to other notice, when divert, select these sources.  When you grant me your midterm, perform indisputable you put: "Student circumvent, COM140-80, Midterm exam, and then fulfill the event estimate you keep chosen to tally."   Please do this as I keep LOTS of arrangees, lots of students, and some of you are in equalize than one of my online arrangees.  Good luck!  Take your space; recognize. Reflect on the questions. These questions are not easy; these questions conquer claim you to attain delayin the viscera of your brain lobes and reflect.  Research the irrelative areas, and then transcribe up a monstrous essay (Introduction, collectiveness, omission, and bibliography).  Remember, college-equalize agreement, meaning: (1) no contractions, (2) forbear from using "very," (3) be equalize vivid than using "thing,"), (4) do not use "it" as you conquer failure to be particular, (5) embrace an preliminary passage that outlines the deep points of the collectiveness as affecteous as a extreme passage that contains a compendium passage; and (6) do not end sentences delay prepositions.  Use APA-format for lore citations. Format of the essay should appear common to: Student Name COM140-80 Midterm Exam Option: Event Weigh #1 (or #2) Introduction- In the preliminary passage, be indisputable to agree a manifest preview of points (outlining the estimate of points and what those points conquer be that you intention to lay-open in the collectiveness of the disquisition) Sub-heading for each of your deep points; fulfill the points, lay-open each point; clear and living the claims made delay each point; and put the points in "parallel" dialect. Conclusion- be indisputable to agree a compendium of the points you made in this essay; agree an equalizeall "lasting declarement" that articulates the discourse. References- Clear your composition delay a bibliography.  Be indisputable to agree spoken citations (in-text citations) that embrace perpetrator and year of proclamation (eg: Ivy & Wahl, 2009). Opinions founded on partiality are frequently sustained delay the principal injustice.  -Hebrew proverb   Intercultural Event Weigh #1: You are in arraign of fulfilling a affecteous-known hate-group/terrorist construction either in the USA or abroad and lenient an in-depth, comrpehensive, lore-domiciled decomposition of this assembly.  Research the origins of this hate-group/terror construction, how do they get members, what are their goals, what demands do they work-for (if they did not work-for a demand, they would not pause), agree a register of the greater events and key players tied to this hate-group. I am not zealous in your feelings or impressions of the hate/terror-assembly per se but rather I failure you to incorporate the hate-group's construction in a way to how the construction has gotten to where they are today.  If you had the rule, financial media, manpower, and lawful perpetratority, how would you go environing dissolving/eradicating the hate/terror-group.  Let us mind that the assembly has formed owing the assembly encounters a existent demand in the community; if you "demolish and destroy" the assembly, its members conquer singly progress to another precipitation and re-group; consequently, you existently demand to irritate the VERY CAUSES of why the assembly pauses and how you can encounter those demands in a irrelative, equalize auricular way.  As a zealot grading your midterm essay, I am keenly zealous in understanding how you conquer attain the decisions you demand to perform in regulate to effect the calculated falsification you failure kindred to this hate-group.  Here is a catalogue of assemblys you may weigh (but not inconsiderable to): ISIS, KKK, Mafia, M-13,Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Black Panthers, Hamas, Hezbollah, Neo-Naxis, Bloods,Crips, Nation Nation, Latin Kings, Folk Nation, Gangster disciples (note: there are equalize 156 documented gangs in the Char-Meck area). Agree a bibliography of all the media you keep used to calm this essay.       Intercultural Event Weigh #2:  There is a new construct of hate/partiality sweeping opposite America that is not betwixt the blacks and the whites.  This new 'complaisant war' is betwixt the keep's and the keep-not's.  Look at when the decisive space a "poor" special was elected to a eminent duty (declare or notorious equalize).  [James K. Polk from Pineville was loud in a non-monied family].  Civil advantage used to be a "duty" and was not a hired position; equalize space, this complaisant advantage has follow to merit one a paycheck.  The President of the U.S. merits $400,000/year, gets bounteous social housing (White House is kept up by taxpayers), gets bounteous medical, bounteous collectiveness protector shelter, bounteous subsistence, bounteous negotiative staff (you and I pay the White House staff salaries, not the US President), bounteous air space when he/she speaks on television (you and I would keep to buy advertising), bounteous car, bounteous airplane, bounteous helicopter.  "Free" to the space that he/she pays taxes relish you and I pay but he/she does not keep to pay everything extra past the taxes.  [An proposal that sway be creeping into your leader by environing now is, "Wonder why the US President demand $400,000 a year in hire?"].  Well-to-do nation get themselves elected and then go environing seeking comp changes that conquer advantage nation delay whom they can recount (such as the monied).  Overall, nation who are compositioning in Congress befollow valuableer period in duty than antecedently they took duty. Give attentive conception to how our collective scheme in the U.S. has transitional equalize the decisive few decades.   Or has the collective scheme transitional? How has the changes in the collective scheme transitional waved our humanization?  Influenced our company?  Influenced vigorcare? Influenced direction? The U.S. tax decree scheme? Our soldierly?  Our schools/colleges (advantage and non-advantage schools)?  Our affect schemes/prisons?  Do you relish the changes that keep occurred?  Presuming that you are not entirely kind delay all of these new possessions, delight fulfill a intention as to how you would oration the changes in an exertion to equalizeturn some of the ill-possessions and appliance a new intention(s) that would reform equalize 'law and regulate' and 'equity' in stipulations of discernment betwixt the monied and the impecunious of our American company.  Philosophical question- do we keep a "sink or swim" path or do we agree a insurance  net for those who are not doing affecteous (whether due to disqualification, insight, economic downturn, intellectual vigor, etc.)?  Do you reflect we should oration this influential progeny antecedently the progeny gets "out of artisan."  What would an "out of artisan" scenario of a complaisant war betwixt the keep's and the keep-not's appear relish in our company today?  Does the financial declare of a special construct equalize or hither repugnance for those who are unrelish us?  Are "have" nation partialityd over or keep ill feelings inside "keep not" nation? Vice-versa?  Research on financial markets and financial insurrection of Americans is showing that the valuable are getting valuableer (we sway circumvent them the one-percenters), the inconsiderable are getting inconsiderableer, and that the intermediate arrange is arefaction up.  Where did the intermediate arrange go?  Answer: Some progressd up to the valuableer equalizes period others keep dropped down to the destitution equalizes (we circumvent them compositioning families).  In occurrence, if you existently failure to do some digging, inhibit out the lore and individualize the estimate of Char-Meck Schools students who are arrangeified as homeless.  Give attentive weighation as to how humanization's discernments of finances, representative lucre, and position wave what we are spectacle in our company today.  Share examples that you see/experience from your vocation or specialal history.  Address this question from collective schemes, directional schemes, financial schemes, and vigor-care schemes. Agree a bibliography of all the media you keep used to acceleration you calm this essay (induction delay a preview of points, sub-headings for each of the deep points made in the collectiveness, and a hardy omission that agrees a compendium and clinching declarement).