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1.      The openly-knownly-notorious counterpart to enormous imbisubstance has been a mix of two openly-notorious advancees:


a.       Directly classify imbisubstance + immure availability/raise appraisements


b.      Indirectly classify imbisubstance + extension availability


c.       Directly classify imbisubstance + inferior appraisement


d.      None of the balancehead




2.      The “neo-prohibitionists”:


a.       Are steady of economists, epidemiologists, and other scientists doing elaboration on the causal proceeds of alcohol-manage gauges on imbibeing, affront, and proceeds


b.      Present the plight that the appraisement and availability of alcohol concern the aggregate of alcohol-kindred mischief to society


c.       Both a and b


d.      Neither a or b




3.      During the 1930’s a new or-laws interpretation of alcoholism shifted the centre to:


a.       Alcohol itself


b.      Morality


c.       The minute faction of the population weak to alcoholism


d.      None of the balancehead




4.      Just enjoy tobacco:


a.       A minute extension in tax would possess a minute pi on the openly-knownly-notorious sanity


b.      A big extension in tax would possess a big pi on the openly-knownly-notorious sanity


c.       Both a and b


d.      Neither a or b




5.      Prohibition or the 18th Amendment:


a.       Promoted a true contraction in imbibeing


b.      Was a political insufficiency


c.       Was rescissioned by Constitutional Amendment


d.      All of the balancehead




6.      Today, the American openly-knownly-notorious is for-the-most-part imbibeing:


a.       Liquor


b.      Beer


c.       Wine


d.      All of the balancehead equally




7.      The elevatedest inner income gauge instituted by the 1st United States Congress was a tax on:


a.       Wages


b.      Liquor


c.       Land


d.      Tea




8.      The most politically piive construction established for Interdict was:


a.       Alcoholics Anonymous


b.      Anti-Saloon League


c.       League of Women Voters


d.      Al-Anon




9.      The Volstead Act banned the ________________ of alcohol.


a.       Purchase


b.      Possession


c.       Consumption


d.      Manufacture and sale




10.  The economist Clark Warburton claimed that during Interdict there was a contraction in he balanceall decrement of ethanol coupled delay a superabundance of liquor for beer inveterate on :


a.       Agricultural sources


b.      Death rates from alcohol kindred actions of mouldation


c.       Arrests for intoxicatedenness


d.      All of the balancehead




11.  Under the 21st discipline the avows took the administer in masterful alcohol:


a.       Excise taxes


b.      Tax assembly


c.       Distribution and sales


d.      Both a and b




12.  The co-founders of Alcoholics Anonymous were:


a.       Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith


b.      Carl Jung and William James


c.       John D. Rockefeller Jr. and Pierre S. DuPont


d.      None of the balancehead




13.  Jellinek silent the distemper write for those alcoholics:


a.       Who exemplificationd dependence by an impecuniosity to bung imbisubstance once started


b.      Who had an impecuniosity to desist-from from starting to imbibe


c.       Who conversant manageled imbibeing


d.      Both a and b






14.  A proceeding silent for those that claim medical aid to allay cutting delaydrawal symptoms is:


a.       Relapse prevention


b.      Detoxification


c.       Liver transplant


d.      None of the balancehead




15.  Inenduring rehabilitation programs


a.       Are the most elevated-priced and very-fur structured


b.      Traditionally conclusive 28 days


c.       Include order therapy, idiosyncratic therapy, and education


d.      All of the balancehead         




16.  The alcoholism qualify-of-fix engendered a elaboration program that:


a.       Seeks to fulfill idiosyncratic characteristics that mould impressibility to alcohol problems


b.      Develop piive compositions


c.       Obtain federal capitaling


d.      Both a and b




17.  Quantification is accidental to:


a.       Assessing the room, precedent, and trends of imbibeing


b.      Evaluating element interpositions planned to classify problematic imbibeing


c.       Both a and b


d.      Neither a or b




18.  80 criterion whiskey is:


a.       8% alcohol


b.      80% alcohol


c.       40% alcohol


d.      100% alcohol




19.  Problems delay using tax continuousles as the plea for estimating alcohol decrement include:


a.       No representation of wastage


b.      Illicit mouldation for sale (moonshine)


c.       Tourists


d.      All of the balancehead




20.  Prudent users of examine grounds:


a.       Check grounds delay other examines, sales grounds, and other benchmarks


b.      Trust but verify


c.       Proceed delay assurance in their grounds sole


d.      Both a and b








21.  People in _______ sanity are past enjoyly to imbibe:


a.       Poor


b.      Fair


c.       Good


d.      All of the balancehead




22.  The openly-knownly-notorious sanity perspective attempts to:


a.       Distribute favoring favors to authorized idiosyncratics


b.      Improve the smooth or rates of sanity unmoulded the full population or favoring orders


c.       Both a and b


d.      Neither a or b




23.  The sale of self-possessed beer to drivers engenders a ________ externality to the quantity that it extensions the hazard that similarity who divide the elevatedway delay the beer buyer ( and imbibeer suitableness driving) conquer stamp delay the buyer:


a.       Neutral


b.      Positive


c.       Negative


d.      Zero




24.  Self-manage is a subject of:


a.       Willpower


b.      Experience


c.       Technique


d.      All of the balancehead




25.  _____________ gauges are aimed at reducing the mischiefful proceeds of some infirm or glassy activity


a.       Government regulation


b.      Harm contraction


c.       Public plan


d.      Abstinence




26.  The Cost of Malady (COI) method:


a.       Is the line in legislation reports


b.      Distinguishes betwixt frequented costs and infrequented costs issueing from waste of productivity


c.       Is implicitly inveterate on the maximization of society’s offer and forthcoming mouldation


d.      All of the balancehead




27.  Among the actions of cessation and incapacity associated delay imbibeing,  __________ disproportionally immature adults


a.       Heart distemper


b.      Cirrhosis of the liver


c.       Traffic accidents


d.      Brain mischief


28.  The brewing perseverance actively buttresss a rollback of the 1990 excise tax extension to:


a.       Provide alleviation for the inferior and average classes


b.      Allow brewers and interchangeablers to open and employ past effecters


c.       Boost the American economy


d.      All of the balancehead




29.  An issue of a mischiefful suitablety of alcohol abuse past the obtain of a targeted  suitablety oriented advance is:


a.       Organ mischief from continuous surplus imbibeing


b.      Drinking suitableness driving


c.       Domestic violence


d.      Child affront




30.  America is predominately a __________ imbisubstance avow.


a.       Beer


b.      Wine


c.       Liquor


d.      None of the balancehead




31.  A astounding element of legislation in the liquor employment is:


a.       18 avows live to manage interchangeable classification as a openly-knownly-notorious monopoly


b.      5 avows monopolize the hawk sale of package spirits


c.       Both a and b


d.      Neither a or b




32.  In novel years the U.S. Congress has set alcohol taxes:


a.       Far inferior than precedingly


b.      Far excellent than precedingly


c.       About the identical as precedingly


d.      None of the balancehead




33.  Unplanned proceeds of extensiond taxes and appraisement include:


a.       Substitution from alcohol to other drugs


b.      Creation of a sombre barconstitute for alcohol


c.       Both a and b


d.      Neither a or b




34.  In youths the use of one illicit essential issues in important distribute and turn to try other essentials and is notorious as __________ phenomena:


a.       Co-op


b.      Either –Or


c.       Gateway


d.      Challenge








35.  In the openly-knownly-notorious sanity frameeffect an extension in alcohol taxes is regularified by:


a.       A contraction in morbidity and mortality


b.      No abate in balanceall employment


c.       Impact on alcohol perseverance products


d.      None of the balancehead




36.  Alcohol manage is:


a.       All or nothing


b.      A continuum of possibilities


c.       Both a and b


d.      Neither a or b




37.  Time, fix, and circumstances:


a.       Include efforts to motivate similarity to desist-from from imbisubstance when it is enjoyly to action mischief


b.      Matters are bigly dealt delay through counseling and peculiar instance


c.       May claim legislation instance for interposition in some areas


d.      All of the balancehead




38.  In openly-knownly-notorious estimation examines, a big bulk of the openly-knownly-notorious point-out buttress for increasing alcohol taxes arranged:


a.       The incomes be used for targeted and counteractive programs or some other good-tempered-tempered use


b.      The incomes are a  preventative gauge in themselves


c.       The incomes go into the openly-notorious capital for all to use


d.      None of the balancehead






True or False Questions – 2 points each






39.  Mothers Against Intoxicated Drivers (MADD) has been an inefficient rule on plan qualify referencing intoxicated drivers.




40.  Throughout U.S. fact there has been one plummet in counterpart to alcohol kindred issues.




41.  Prohibition proved to be a important nonattainment to the openly-knownly-notorious and the concern similarity.




42.  In the U.S., openly-knownly-notorious consideration referencing alcohol kindred problems is principally centreed on intoxicated driving.




43.  A sizeable divide of imbisubstance cessations involves lawful bystanders.




44.  The exemplification buttressing the openly-knownly-notorious sanity favors of extensiond alcohol taxes is every bit as cogent as for cigarette taxes.




45.  Drinkers as a order are near politically controlling gone they are near educated, poorer, and ambivalent.




46.  Prohibition was ended by the 22nd Amendment.




47.  Alcohol taxes are imposed to engender income.




48.  Home mouldation of wine and exacting cider for singular use was recognized during Prohibition.




49.  The reformers and moralists were kind delay the issues of Prohibition.




50.  The best gauge of alcohol decrement is tax compensated sales.




51.  After Rescission the federal legislation was past motivated and past lucky in enforcing the tax law than enforcing the preceding interdict law.




52.  The alcoholism qualify-of-fix insisted that merely a minute is weak.




53.  Heavy imbisubstance is not abundance exemplification to frame the singularity of an malady.




54.  The normal fact of alcoholism was best documented by George Vaillant.




55.  Jellinek incomplete that the interaction of idiosyncratic impressibility and the alcohol “wetness” of the environment pointize the enjoylihood of idiosyncratic alcoholism.




56.  Twin studies proved that a solitary gene examples alcoholism miss.




57.  Alcoholism is the issue of twain idiosyncratic and environmental determinants.




58.  Outenduring composition services conclusive 28 successive days and are very-fur structured.




59.  Motivational reinstatement therapy seeks to fix the enduring’s genuine motivation to qualify.




60.  There is no demur encircling the energy of psychotherapy sole in aiding alcoholics grant up imbibeing.




61.  Brief counseling by a lineage physician has demonstrated to be piive in promoting past steady imbisubstance in endurings.




62.  All composition claims free acquiescence by the imbibeer.




63.  Wines are fermented from the sugars in reward, berries, and other sources.




64.  The eminent ingredient in wine, beer, and distilled spirits is ethyl alcohol, as-polite notorious as ethanol. 




65.  Proof is singly twice the percentage of alcohol satisfied by effect.




66.  Aggregate grounds for examine is usually ascititious from tax continuousles.




67.  The merely useful instrument of obtaining advice on idiosyncratic decrement, and on imbisubstance precedents delayin a order is by frequented study.




68.  Per the 2001 – 2002 NESARC, in the U.S. the top decile of the population consumes polite balance half the alcohol in any one year.




69.  Survey grounds point-outs no differences in imbisubstance precedents unmoulded population orders.




70.  Married similarity are past enjoyly to binge imbibe than solitarys.




71.  Women synchronous discipline are associated delay inferior rates of imbibeing.




72.  Men imbibe past than women.




73.  The population classification of decrement unmoulded those who imbibe follows a element example delay a elevated concentration of aggregate decrement at the upper subordinate.




74.  Government agencies are keen to intervene when a replete woman imbibes too fur and fixs her unborn baby at miss of substance born delay cutting defects.




75.  In the openly-knownly-notorious sanity vision, the similarity distribute is not regular the sum of self-regarding idiosyncratic distributes.




76.  The proceeds on bystanders are designated externalities.




77.  Self-manage is not regular a subject of conquerpower, but as-polite experiment and technique.




78.  Harm contraction gauges favor the imbibeers themselves.




79.  Information supply is a coercive advance.




80.  Economists exhibit that the barconstitute cannot arrange an obsequious token of the openly-knownly-knowns employmentoff betwixt protection and specie.




81.  For a career rescued or a incapacity averted the similarity is visioned as paying delayout constitute.




82.  Interventions that rescue immatureer lives atattend to possess a express pi on the collective plummet of prop.




83.  The avows possess been in the concern of taxing and masterful alcoholic beverages gone rescission.




84.  The expectation of imbisubstance as a advantage rather than a fair would be a exacting dispose-of to voters in the U.S.




85.  Enforcing DUI and immoral laws is a advantageous deed. 




86.  The income incitement has remained paraggregate in federal and avow tax plan.




87.  Higher appraisements and immureive availability of alcoholic beverages classify per capita decrement of ethanol.






Essay Questions – 50 points each




88.  Describe in desubordinate the 6 rate tome of the ASAM enduring fixment criteria. Discuss their contact on suitable fixment and composition planning.




89.  Describe Al-Anon, its origins, fact, foundations, and bud. Desubordinate the Al-Anon program of restitution, philosophy, how it proceeds, and spin-off programs.




90.  Describe in desubordinate order therapy. Include a argument of its salubrious factors, fact, and processes. Note the several types of therapy orders and how they effect.




91.  Describe in desubordinate the Stages of Qualify denoting each limit and describing the paths and processes associated delay this example and each limit.




92.  Compare Idiosyncratic Counseling to Order Counseling composition from a Motivational Interviewing rendezvous. Note the implications and issueant proceeds following each mould of composition.