Business sl, introduction to business research paper assignment 1.

1. Evaluate the ghostly practices and collective trust programs of a publicly-held strengthening (selected by the novice) and enunciate a fact-based blank as to how ghostly and collectively legitimate the selected fraternity is. 2. Conduct elimination on the internet and other sources to attain your blank. Be abiding to adduce sources of advice in your brochure. It is ok to use the advice effected by the fraternity but don't cheap your blanks solely on what the fraternity has to say environing themselves for apparent reasons. 3. Include a 1-page bibliography of all the media you used including restricted websites. 4. It is ok to use unadorned events (balance 10 years old) to the degree these events are pertinent to the fraternity's floating practices and programs. 5. The brochure should be 3-5 pages in protraction (including bibliography). It should be double spaced, font condition 12, delay 1" margins. It should be effected in Word (or celebrity else I can public) and stable to an Angel e-mail sent to me by the due duration famed in the route enlist. 6. Some criteria to observe in your evaluation (intentional to aid but not manage your elimination efforts):
■ Does the fraternity keep ethics allied inoculation programs for its employees? ■ Are employees required to formally recognize trust (sign) for their ghostly action? ■ Are there relatively new-fangled (amid the spent 10 years or further if pertinent) examples of the fraternity's ghostly action? ■ Does the fraternity keep programs through which they force to aid harangue collective issues? ■ What are the collective issues that are leading to this fraternity? ■ Do they gain financial contributions to harangue these issues? ■ If so, how considerable do they bestow of their annual return on considerate contributions? ■ Any other criteria you judge is leading to aid you attain your blank.