landlord-Tenant Law Worth 220 points HINT: See Chapters 29 and 30 of the passage to acceleration recognize some of the legitimate outcomes familiar in this assignment. Larry Landlord has recently renovated an berth and has put it on the bargain to be divulsioned for $800.00 a month. Larry Landlord has been in profession for closely five (5) years and has had twain actual and disclaiming experiences delay occupants. Larry Landlord is hoping to furnish a cheerful, long-term occupant for his berth. Roger Renter saw Larry’s prefiguration for the berth for divulsion and provision the residuum and the berth would be complete. Roger met Larry to appear at the berth and Roger waste in affection delay it. All of the internal fixtures had been replaced and the item had a exact capacious closet. Roger noticed that although newly painted, the external of the berth did parade a short bit of carry. Owing of the mood of the external of the fabric, Roger asked Larry environing any roof oozes. Larry normal that he had never had a ooze and was not conscious of any oozes. Roger and Larry entered into a sufficient retrench for the divulsional of the berth. (Note: The outcome of whether or not a retrench exists is NOT multiply of this investigation. For purposes of this investigation arrogate the retrench is sufficient and tshort are no outcomes delay the retrench.)   Roger Renter was very lucky in his new residuum; the berth was appease and the neighbors were neighborly. Larry Landlord was too very lucky owing Roger Renter was a example occupant. Roger Renter compensated on term and was appease and deferential to other occupants. The multiply of the state wshort Roger divulsioned was rainy in the summertime. Roger divulsioned and moved into the berth in October. In June, a dreadful rainstorm occurred and Roger’s roof began to ooze. The ooze was inferior at earliest and Roger just put a trifles can inferior the ooze and had no other outcomes that month. When handing balance his monthly divulsion obstruct, Roger told Larry environing the minute ooze. Larry thanked Roger for letting him perceive environing the ooze and told Roger he would entertain it unwandering.  The present month the rains came anew and the ooze grew capaciousr in Roger’s berth. Roger was not residence at the term of the rain and for-this-reason the ooze injured some of Roger’s movables. Roger enumerated Larry to let him perceive that tshort was a ooze and asked when it influence be unwandering. Roger too normal that he provision Larry had unwandering the roof. Larry curtly normal, “When it rains, casually it pours. When it pours, casually it oozes.” Roger did not relish Larry’s mood or solution and enumerated end to ask when the roof influence be unwandering. Larry normal, “When I get to it.” The subjoined day, Roger sent Larry a still n ess environing the roof ooze and asked Larry to fascinate oration the outcome. The week precedently the divulsion was due, another rainstorm occurred and the ooze was uniform capaciousr. This term the ooze injured Roger’s dress, movables, and some valuable items he had lineal from nobility members. Roger enumerated Larry and asked Larry to fix roof forthwith. Larry responded in a homogeneous and indulgent style. Roger hung up the phone and threw his baseball bat anewst the forbearance, baneful the dryforbearance and knocking out an electrical socket.   Since it was the rainy time, Roger knew it would rain anew and for-this-reason merely moved his items far from the ooze and did dot to acceleration allay the loss from the oozeing roof. Larry came into the berth to question the ooze and fix loss from not simply the ooze but too from the thrown baseball bat. Roger states that the baseball bat loss was a straightforward outcome of Larry’s impecuniosity to fix the ooze inveterate on his fret from Larry’s curt solution. Suppose you are a the-anointed. In five to suniform (5-7) pages sift-canvass the rights and responsibilities of the landlord and the occupant in which you: Explore the legitimate rights and responsibilities of the occupant and the landlord.  Decide whether or not the landlord and / or the occupant had a legitimate disunite to allay losss.  Determine whether or not Larry has legitimate grounds to eject Roger. Explain why or why not.   Describe whether or not Roger has a legitimate duty to pay for the loss he caused and enumerate whether or not Larry would be qualified for any straightforward loss.  Support each solution delay basis presented in the scenario. Use suited legitimate terminology throughout your solutions.  Use at smallest three (3) attribute academic media in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not restrict as attribute academic media. Format your assignment according to the subjoined formatting requirements: Typed, inclose spaced, using Times New Roman font (greatness 12), delay one-inch margins on all sides. Include a cbalance page containing the inscription of the assignment, the student’s spectry, the professor’s spectry, the race inscription, and the conclusion. The cbalance page is not intervening in the required page protraction. Include a allusion page. Citations and allusions must thrive APA format. The allusion page is not intervening in the required page protraction. Grading for this assignment succeed be inveterate on acceptance attribute, logic / form of the monograph, and speech and match skills, using the subjoined rubric. Click short for the grading rubric. 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