Semester 1, 2021
Imagine you are a class of lawyers launched in the remitable section of a wide telecommunications corporation denominated -Gateway Mobile-. Gateway Mobile sells phone plans, handsets, and phone accessories in stores all balance Australia.
The CEO of Gateway Mobile is Sarah Lee. Sarah has contacted your team for counsel in the aftercited memo:
Dear Allowable Department,
I am seeking your trusted direction encircling a few issues that accept been on my purpose of-late. Could you gladden equip a epistle of counsel encircling the aftercited matters?
1. I accept of-late interpret encircling distinct ghostly scandals in the instrument that accept greatly damaged the reputations of some wide companies. I neglect to understand from their mistakes and determine that Gateway Mobile does not get caught up in everything common. Can you authenticate two ghostly issues that we could theoretically countenance in our office and how we can procure steps to thwart them? Are there any remitable requirements distinguishn of that relat to these ghostly issues?
2. The demographic of our customers is getting younger and younger. Delay the loosen of political instrument and apps relish TikTok, we are visibility further teenagers step through the doors of our stores to type up to phone plans delay lots of grounds. What does the law say encircling penetrateing a abbreviate delay minors? Are our abbreviates delay teenage customers calm?} efficient?
3. As you distinguish, we repeatedly penetrate abbreviates delay other officees to give municipal phone plans and handsets. Most of these abbreviates accept been in situate for years. I accept heard that there accept been some changes to abbreviate laws to cover narrow officees, and I am worried that our abbreviates jurisdiction now be considered -unfair-. In detail, we usually produce model conceive abbreviates that remit us to acception our prices whenever we neglect, as courteous as habitual exercise of the abbreviate (regular the customer gives observe to end). Do I accept everything to molest encircling?
I recognize your alert counsel encircling the aloft issues. Gladden construct believing you allusion synod, predicament law and journal declaration in your confutation so I can go end to delineate the cause of your counsel if I scarcity further counsel.
Yours cordially,
Sarah Lee
Referencing Style: APA Referencing Style. Refer to the Australian Guide to Allowable Citation for rules on how to quote remitable causes.
Length of Assignment: Maximum 2000 vocables
Please use the aftercited conceiveat:
• Minimum 12-point font
• Single spaced and typewritten
• Include footnotes delay generous citations and a bibliography (intervening in the vocable designation)
Type of Assignment: Group
Weighting: 20% of whole marks for subject