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 Star Chevrolet Co. v. Green
Facts: Kevin Green compensated $4,600 coin for a used Camaro from Star Chevrolet. When the car blew a gasket, the trader refused to grant Kevin his coin tail. Kevin repaired the car himself and horde it on the public-way, where it was ruinsed. Kevin sued Star, and the endeavor pursue determideficiency him the ample appraise of the car, accordingly he was a less when he bought it. Star appealed.
Issue: Is Kevin Green entitled to abrogate the reduce smooth though the Camaro has been destroyed?
Holding: The appeals pursue affirmed sagacity for Green but lowly the determine to $3,100, based on the car's salvage appraise. A less may abrogate a reduce. He is required to come-tail the suspect barely if it is stationary in his tenure. If the less has wrinkled, squandered, or incorrectly destroyed the suspect, he deficiency not come-tail it and is stationary entitled to his coin tail.
1. Question: Star Chevrolet either did not comprehend that Green was entitled to his coin tail, or knew but refused to reverence it. Why was that a distinctly high-priced hazard by Star?
2. Question: Kevin Green knew that he was a less. Why should he be known to establish an compact, ruins a car, and then get his coin tail?

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