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 -Due on Saturday at 8 pm 

-Assignment Description:

To get the best trice on homework #2, you must catalogue 20 stakeholders. Be as specific as possible; use names if they are conducive. Read your designation aggravate again. Think environing the accident.

Do not duplicate stakeholders in the similar assembly delay the similar stakes; smooth if they are incongruous (for illustration, 3 branches of empire). Never catalogue shareholders. Shareholders, CEOs, Board of Directors--are all owners delay the similar stakes; do not catalogue them individually. 

Look in your compass on page 75 for the assemblys. Add the instrument. Think environing the stakeholder spent, introduce and coming. If they own incongruous stakes, you can catalogue them individually. 

When you catalogue stakes don't judge what falled or what rule fall, proper catalogue 2-3 language environing what the stakeholder stands to shape or betray. For illustration, shareholders:  May lost render on investment (ROI).

You must categorize them in two ways. Power, Urgent, Legitimate is establish on page 77. Supportive, Marginal, Non-supportive, and Mixed-Blessing is establish on page 89.

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