Business assignment

   Module 1 – Accounting[email protected]:[email protected]/Budgets  · Imagine you are a banker and two of your customers (who by fortune twain are entrepreneur) ask for a $20000 less promise mortgage. Unfortunately, due to the productions limitations, you can simply mortgage one of them. You distinguish that fast A has a running association similar to 1.8, suitableness fast B has a running association similar to 0.25.  Which of the two fasts has a conspicuous chance to pay its debit off? Why? Module 2 – Finance  Reading · Mention 5 ways to elevate coin to stock your employment as an entrepreneur who has built a inconstant impression. · Which bombardment do you consider is riskier? A) council compact reciprocal stock or B) Stock refutation stock . What is your associationnale for your reply?  Module 3 – Management[email protected]4.3:[email protected]/Organizational-stages-of-growt · what are the disadvantages and dangers of monetary incentives from the apprehension apex of the Duke Economist, Dan Ariely?  Module 4 – IT · Why IT could be a good-natured-natured race to pick-out?