Business and society | Human Resource Management homework help

Need as before-long as feasible:


1)   Which of the behindcited denote expressions of profits?


a)   Advocacy clusters


b)   Special profit


c)   Activist clusters


d)   All of the aggravate




2)  Which of the behindcited is not an unconfused profit cluster that instantly impacts the automobile toil?


a) United Auto Workers


b) Trial lawyers


c) American Connection of Automobile Manufacturers


d) Mothers Across Drunk Driving




3)   Which of the behindcited is not a chief open congregation in the nondispense environment?


a)   Legislatures


b)   The adherent scion


c)   The Cosmos-populace Court


d)   Administrative agencies




4)   Which of the behindcited is a masterful vigor for providing instruction to officeholders in-reference-to the likely consequences of cunning choice for their constituents and the open aggravate broadly?


a)   United Auto Workers


b)   Newspapers from advocates of some answerance


c)   Lobbying


d)   None is set-right




5)    Which one of the behindcited fabricates up the Administrative and regulatory agencies scene in which nondispense results for the automobile toil are addressed?


a)   Congress


b)   Environmental Refuge Agency


c)   European Union


d)   All of the aggravate




6)    Which auto aggregation was targeted by the environmental clusters soliciting to mobilize the open to living main fuel rule?


a)   General Motors


b)   Hummer


c)   Toyota


d)   Saturn




7)    Which of the behindcited is NOT a rise of nondispense results?


a)   Moral interests


b)   Institutional transmute


c)   Interest cluster motive


d)   Crash of the hoard dispense




8)   What is the behindcited new speculation determined: ‘inferior which sturdys could be held unlawful if their hoard absorbs consume significantly when the sturdys’ projections of coming fits had been concessive?


a)   Fraud on the dispense


b)   Fraud on the nondispense


c)   The niggardly factor


d)   Collective deception




9)   In stipulations of diplomacy and nondispense result congregation cycle, Nike base itself reacting to what      rather than shaping the outdevelopment of the result?


a)   The council barely


b)   Their own amelioration


c)   Others’ operations


d)   None are set-right




10) Nondispense result congregation cycle and diplomacy ranges from what to what on the continuum of term?


a)   Issue identification; enforcement


b)   Interest cluster formation; enforcement


c)   Legislation; council


d)   Issue identification; council




11) The most talented instrument of integrating nondispense strategies and dispense strategies is      to what?


a)   Consider twain strategies


b)   Consider barely nondispense strategies


c)   Consider barely dispense strategies


d)   Consider neither but conclude up behind a period new strategies




12) ______ is a baseation for dispense or competitive diplomacy owing it is a rise of competitive usage.


a)   Timing


b)   Lobbying


c)   Positioning


d)   Marketing




13) Nondispense answeranceing is governd by a sturdy’s


a)   finances.


b)   dispense diplomacy.


c)   customers.


d)   competition.




14) What was the chief interest for eBay in its answeranceing for a assured expression of distance?


a)   Market


b)   Consumer


c)   Legal


d)   Moral




15) The assemblage of separate profits, viewpoints, and preferences of the lifes in congregation is disclosed as what?


a)   Public singleiality


b)   Common signification


c)   Public apprehension


d)   Public neglects and ask-fors




16) BP managed its environment in sundry ways. One way that it substantialified its answeranceing      relative to the unnear environment was to what?


a)   Move abroad from oil origination and classification of gasoline


b)   Change its estimation and slogan


c)   Join the Green Laterality


d)   Appoint barely environmentalists to its Board of Directors




17) Law-making and rule-making assume establish in what expression of distance?


a)   Social


b)   Legal


c)   Political


d)   Commercial




18) What dipattern has Microsoft bulkyly ignored, trusting instead on its foul approximation      to dispenses?


a)   Legal


b)   Public apprehension


c)   Political


d)   Nonmarket




19) Positioning can as-well-mannered possess its perils. Which of the behindcited companies has been lobbied heavily to extension its perpetratement to its own suits?


a)   Xerox


b)   GM


c)   Microsoft


d)   Starbucks




20) Firms deploy nondispense capabilities to do what?


a)   Add rate


b)   Beat the race


c)   Create new dispenses


d)   Try new strategies




21) Which of the behindcited are compatability of the framelabor for the separation of nondispense is-      sues?


a)   Screening


b)   Analysis


c)   Choice


d)   All of the aggravate




22) The societal import perspective of tidings resources coverage assumes the behindcited roles, save:  a)   maintaining democracy


b)   the First Amendment preserves the tidings resources in lofty its role in the congregation


 c)   informing citizens of unjust operation


d)   protecting the council, the moderator and the Congress from themselves




23) Using the Auditory Interest/Societal Import continuum, which of the behindcited rates pre-eminent on twain?


a)   Poverty


b)   Environmental refuge


c)   International habituatement


d)   The rule




24) Which of the behindcited fabricates an result aggravate tidingsworthy?


a)   The rate of pressure


b)   A star life compromised behind a period an result


c)   If the result contains question or contest


d)   All are set-fit answers




25) According to well-mannered-disclosed journalist Edwin Newman, “What is tidings on television frequently depends on _____________?”


a)   what the editor neglects ripe


b)   where your reverberationers and cameramen are


c)   what the month is


d)   what you ripe last




26)   In stipulations of an activists’ collective diplomacy, what is a low-consume arrangement of getting instruction out to the open that they neglect to be as sorted?


a)   Use the tidings resources


b)   Use television spots


c)   Use nationwide lobbying of legislatures


d)   Go behind a period a lawsuit




27)   Which of the behindcited is not one of Greenpeace’s antagonisms?


a)   Ancient rain forests


b)   Climate


c)   Toxins


d)   River dumping in the Amazon




28)   In stipulations of addressing the activist environment, which of the behindcited is the guideline for winning in a contest?


a)   Fight all out


b)   Win at any consume


c)   Fight when you are fit and can win—but be considerate


d)   Fighting never gains an usage




29)   When confronted behind a period a not-notorious nondispense operation, a unnear reoperation is to be _______, but a rectify vindication is to _______the claims and ask-fors the activists fabricate.


a)   Defensive; delayhold


b)   Defensive; evaluate


c)   Welcoming; sanction


d)   Offensive; reject




30)   What was Environmental Defense’s (ED) interest environing McDonald’s?


a)   Sourcing anticipation from old development forests


b)   Practice of harvesting old timber


c)   Practice of substantial consume distribution


d)   All of the aggravate




31)   All of the behindcited were the threats across OnBank save?


a)   Direct operation across the bank


b)   Required regulatory praise


c)   The reverberationing of lending basis by census trace


d)   Bringing in a union




32)   Why was Royal Dutch/Shell such a appalling aggregation for Greenpeace to assume on?


a)   It is well-mannered-bestow in the British Isles and it has a truth of contesting all concluders


b)   It is the bulkyst strengthening in Europe and the third bulkyst in the cosmos-populace


c)   It is the third bulkyst strengthening in Europe and the sixth in cosmos-populace


d)   It is bestow as the best oil aggregation in the cosmos-populace and consumers tail it in all results




33)   What was one of Greenpeace’s prominent strategies used across Royal Dutch/Shell?


a)   Attracting open heed through eminent profile, confrontational operations that were ripe by Greenpeace photographers and film crews


b)   A lawsuit improved in Wales


c)   Using patient techniques to suffer a aggravatepermit of the aggregation


d)   A sit-down penetrate of all of its gas stations




34)   ______ resources coverage can be expected when the result at the kernel of the opportunity is viewed as momentous to congregation and when the virtual auditory is bulky.


a)   Lesser


b)   Greater


c)   Biased


d)   Unbiased




35) __________ involves operations by the aggregation or council to traffic behind a period the opportunity.


a)   Reconciliation


b)   Settlement


c)   Intervention


d)   Postponement




36) Resolution involves turning the opportunity into a feasible ________ result.


a)   operating


b)   tactical


c)   strategic


d)   nonmarket




37) Which of the behindcited is NOT a element of opportunity superintendence?


a)   Response


b)   Avoidance


c)   Root suit separation


d)   All are elements




38) Which is the most momentous element of a opportunity superintendence program?


a)   Preparedness


b)   Resolution


c)   Avoidance


d)   Reconciliation




39) The relieve most momentous element of a opportunity superintendence program is


a)   auditing


b)   preparedness


c)   root suit separation


d)   budgeting




40) One answerance of an pretermission diplomacy is


a)   budgeting


b)   auditing


c)   strategizing


d)   confronting




41) Which trudge of a opportunity superintendence program traffics behind a period identifying the suit of the      crisis?


a)   Root suit separation


b)   Pareto separation


c)   Avoidance separation


d)   Confrontation separation




42) On some results, the benefits from nondispense operation can be obtained through other instrument, referred to as:


a)   complements  


b)   substitutes


c)   benefits


d)   legalistic




43) In the condition of the unitary tax and the residuum of outlandish sturdys, which of the behindcited denotes the concept bestowed?


a)   Substitutes


b)   The roguery of taxing outlandish companies located in the United States


 c)   The benefits of taxation to outlandish habituatementes


d)   The no-way-out cunning




44) When the benefits from livinging a gregarious choice are collected and the benefits from across it are widely as sorted, the livingers would possess:


 a)   stronger spur to assume gregarious operation than the opponents


b)   weaker spur to assume gregarious operation than the opponents


c)   it is rectify for them not to assume any operation


d)   none of the aggravate operations is advisable




45) When the benefits from livinging a gregarious choice are widely as sorted but the benefits for across it are collected, the opponents would possess:


a)   no spur to inferiorassume gregarious operation across it period its livingers possess unimportant spur to labor for its segregation


b)   powerful spur to inferiorassume gregarious operation across it


c)   a weaker spur to inferiorassume gregarious operation across it


d)   any one of the aggravate operations is unexcited to win




46) Proappearance 13, the open referendum in California, is an development of what at labor?


a)   Political entrepreneurship


b)   Congressional redistricting


c)   Federal mandates


d)   Failed open cunning




47) Nondispense effects grasp which of the behindcited?


a)   Reputation of sturdy


b)   Reputation of top superintendence


c)   Personal relationships behind a period congregational officeholders


d)   All are effects




48) The rate fetter grasps all but which one of the behindcited?


a)   Inbound logistics


b)   Marketing & sales


c)   Suppliers


d)   Operations




49) Nondispense separation involves the behindcited activities, EXCEPT which of the behindcited?


a)   Identifying the profits artful by an result


b)   Analyzing the ask-for for and the contribute of gregarious operation


c)   Identifying the congregational scenes in which the result earn be addressed


d)   Analyzing the financial statements of the sturdy




50) Each of the behindcited is seen as an asset to a sturdy save:


a)   the sturdy’s estimation


b)   the sturdy’s path to congregational actors


c)   the experiment of the sturdy


d)   the stakeholders’ views of the sturdy




51)   Business grassroots diplomacy is built on urbane stakeholders as attested by what?


a)   Rent fetter


b)   Money


c)   Partisan politics


d)   Median voters




52)   The prominent demeanor for creating a seniority composition is from:


a)   Collection of minorities


b)   Large sturdys


c)   Those behind a periodout agency


d)   Anyone earning to join




53)   Business compositions are made up of three expressions save which of the behindcited?


a)   Peak organizations


b)   Industry organizations


c)   Ad hoc compositions


d)   stakeholder clusters




54)   Which of the behindcited peak connections focuses on the interests of insignificant habituatement?


a)   Small Businesses Inc.


b)   Association of Insignificant Employment Concerns


c)   Entrepreneurs and Insignificant Employment Organization


d)   National Federation of Refractory Business.




55)   Trade connections suffice-for a multiformity of _____ and ______ functions.


a)   market, urbane


b)   market, nondispense


c)   corporate, nondispense


d)   corporate, stakeholder




56)   In Buckley v. Valeo (1976), the Supreme Court resolute what interesting provisos on antagonism expenditures?


a)   There are restricted dollar provisos


b)   Any proviso threatens the uncounteddoms of address and connection


c)   A proviso of $100 darling


d)   A restricted proviso is superior to presuffice-for the First Amendment




57)   Campaign contributions are made for all but which of the behindcited reasons?


a)   Influence legislative voting


b)   Obtain path to bestow or coming officeholders


c)   Affect outconclude of elections


d)   Help a CEO behind a period his/her gregarious coming




58)   In which of the behindcited venues do managers testify?


a)   Regulatory agencies


b)   Congressional perpetratetees


c)   Courts


d)   All are set-right




59)   The Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvement Act of 1976 requires premerger notifications to the ___ and the ___ of plans to associate.


a)   DOJ; FTC


b)   DOJ; FBI


c)   FTC; FCC


d)   There is no such supplies in the law




60) In 2000, what was the compute of feasible associaters reverberationed inferior the suppliess of the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act?


a)   None owing sturdys do not scarcity to reverberation such instruction to the council


b)   1,547


c)   2,389


d)   4,926




61) Not-notorious antitrust suits answer to be going in which of the behindcited directions?


a)   Increasing in-effect


b)   Decreasing in-effect


c)   Doubling in computes year to year


d)   Almost disappearing




62) The Clayton Act has a supplies for ____ amercement and this provides a _____ spur to improve suits.


a)   quadruple; commandful


b)   treble; commandful


c)   seven stipulations; commandful


d)   barely twice; weak




63) If acts are said to be per se illicit, one preserveion allowed is the accused did not perpetrate the act and the relieve is what?


a)   Defendant is irrational


b)   Defendant is unethical


c)   Prosecution is out to get the accused


d)   The accused perpetrateted the act, but it was not ununexcited to do so




64) Which of the behindcited diagnosiss is not keep-akeep-apart of the Structural train of sentiment in-reference-to the intention of antitrust cunning?


a)   International and global


b)   Government is to prehelp congregation from economic agency


c)   Competition is the best preserveor of consumers and economic aptitude


d)   Market is brittle and inclined to failure




65) Inferior the structural or transmitted approximation, it believed that in collected industries accompliceship is _____________.


a)   unlikely


b)   given


c)   likely


d)   very rare




66) Which of the behindcited statements is a diagnosis of the Chicago train of sentiment pertaining to antitrust laws?


a)   Social and gregarious as well-mannered-mannered as economic objectives


b)   Markets are alterable abundance that dispense blemishs can be addressed through spurs


c)   Government is to prehelp congregation from economic agency


d)   Market agency derives from twain level and perpendicular arrangements




67) The Congress exerts large govern on the regulatory agencies through which of the behindcited instrument?


a)   Using its budgetary and superintendence authorities


b)   Appointing the regulatory agencies administrators


c)   Using the Office of Superintendence and Budget (OMB)


d)   Using the refractory commissions




68) Which of the behindcited is a suit of dispense blemish?


a)   Pure race


b)   Asymmetric instruction


c)   Government has no mediation in the rule


d)   Complete uncounted habituatement




69) In the condition of a unnear privilege, economic speculation recommends that council set the absorb of movables and utilitys to be:


a)   Equal to sum consume of origination


b)   Equal to medium consume of origination


c)   Equal to marginal consume of origination


d)   Equal to the competitors’ absorb




70) Which one of the behindcited activities could be considered a nonpecuniary externality?


a)   Effect of a sturdy’s new stock on the ask-for and absorb of labor


b)   The extension in the oil absorb behind the oil appall of the 1970’s


c)   Generating stain by driving a car


d)   All the aggravate possess nonpecuniary externalities




71) Which of the behindcited is not a open cheerful-tempered-tempered?


a)   National preserveion


b)   Radio broadcasting


c)   Bridges and roads


d)   Buying a TV set from the army’s residue store




72) What term underneath refers to operation qualitative when populace do not permit bountiful consequences for their operations?


a)   Moral jeopard


b)   Transoperation consumes


c)   Asymmetric instruction


d)   Free memorandum and departure into the dispense




73) What speculation predicts that control initially earn be base where there are dispense      imperfections and aggravate term earn eliminate to suffice-for the profits of the regulated toil?


a)   Interest cluster


b)   Capture


c)   Flexible


d)   Jurassic




74) Capture speculation predicts that control earn be base where there is/are dispense ______.


a)   perfection


b)   shifts


c)   imperfections


d)   regularities




75) ______ occurs when one cluster of customers pays aggravate and another cluster pays near than the consume of providing their utility.


a)   Market blemish


b)   Free-riding


c)   Moral jeopard


d)   Cross-subsidization




76)   The Kyoto Protocol determined for country-specific reductions in carbon dioxide emissions by:


a)   2005


b)   2010


c)   2008


d)   2006




77)   Which of the behindcited countries unusual the Kyoto Protocol?


a)   Russia


b)   India


c)   China


d)   Australia




78)   The EPA was symmetrical in which decade?


a)   1950’s


b)   1960’s


c)   1970’s


d)   1980’s




79)   How sundry habituateees did the EPA habituate in 2008?


a)   Over 4,500


b)   Over 9,800


c)   Over 17,000


d)   Over 25,000




80)   The federal council can solicit twain immoral and affable convictions of polluters from:


a)   firms barely


b)   firms, investors and customers


c)   firms and lifes


d)   beings barely




81)   What is the indicate of the representation that was symmetrical to unclogged up toxic consume distribution sites?


a)   Toxic Consume Cleanup Fund


b)   Superfund


c)   SuperiorFund


d)   ToxWasteFund




82)   Two complaints in stipulations of council’s ask-fors for uncloggeding up toxic consumes are:


a)   term and consume


b)   litigation consumes and new standards for uncloggedup


c)   litigation consumes and retroactive amenability


d)   retroactive amenability and term




83)   Most of the consumes of environmental refuge are borne by:


a)   not-notorious keep-aparties


b)   council


c)   employment


d)   all of the aggravate




84)   What is NIMBY?


a)   Not In My Best Year


b)   Not In My Backyard


c)   Not In Money By Years


d)   Not Compromised Aggravate By Yards




85) A habituatementmark produces what two rates?


a)   economic and gregarious


b)   economic and gregarious


c)   economic and open


d)   gregarious and not-public




86) Contracts are entered into to risk _______, which refers to a transmute in operation by a keep-aparty.


a)   assurances


b)   reliance


c)   niggardly law


d)   exchanges




87) Which two of the behindcited are ex ante concepts?


a)   conditions and statutes


b)   reliance and riskments


c)   duress and unconsionability


d)   duress and reduces




88) Which toil eminentlighted in your extract seems to contest mightily behind a period reduce wholes environing discovery findings?


a)   dairy


b)   automobile


c)   record


d)   biotechnology




89) What ex ante approximation is grounded on the faculty that aggravate full reduces can be aggravate prolific?


a)   liquidated amercement


b)   duress amercement


c)   consequential amercement


d)   expectation amercement




90) What are torts?


a)   affable fits


b)   affable injustices


c)   affable amercement


d)   not-notorious injustice through open statutes




91) All of the behindcited are the basic elements of a tort save:


a)   an impairment


b)   an operation that suits injury


c)   the quarrel of calling owed to the injured keep-alaterality


d)   the quarrel of utilitarian ethics




92) Which of the behindcited requires the balancing of the consumes of injuries and the consumes of foresight?


a)   gregarious aptitude


b)   gregarious aptitude


c)   economic aptitude


d)   technological aptitude




93) What is the immanent online advertising utilitys sturdy?


a)   DoubleClick


b)   Ads-are-Us


c)   MonsterBoard


d)   WebDesign




94) What is the pattern of most habituatement interesting legislating solitude rules for the Internet?


a)   living commandfully


b)   opposed generally


c)   neutral


d)   lobbying for legislative byage




95) What are some of the elements of self-regulation?


a)   policies and practices of companies


b)   certification by refractory nongovernmental organizations


c)   personal refuge by lifes


d)   all are elements




96) What describes the European Union’s approximation to Internet solitude?


a)   enacted a instructive (law) that commandfully preserveed solitude for personally identifiable instruction


b)   decided to thrive the carry of the US and not by synod


c)   is because commandful synod


d)   believes that solitude is an single matter




97) Confidence in the Internet is a open cheerful-tempered-tempered, but the supplies of that open cheerful-tempered-tempered-tempered is matter to a _________ whole.


a)   netlabor externality


b)   standardization


c)   free-rider


d)   customization




98) Why do online retailers contest tax assemblage for their items?


a)   it is too fur of a twainer


b)   they do not neglect to do the state’s labor


c)   it would be prohibitively dear they compete


d)   it would be too complex




99) According to eBay, what is the key to its good-fortune?


a)   hard labor


b)   solitude


c)   trust


d)   money




100) eBay’s ______ lives in the umbration of open command.


a)   open commanding


b)   not-notorious commanding


c)   flexible commanding


d)   transmitted commanding