Q1. Deduce two companies: United States steel (X) and Facebook (FB).  Look at the profiles (financial statements for 2016) of each on yahoo finance and debate the subjoineds (you demand to apportion these esteems yourself and illusion details of your calculations): How sundry unappropriated shares the concourse has?  What is the trade esteem of the concourse?  What is the book esteem of the concourse?  What is the beta for the concourse? How do you experience the abandon unimpeded blame? (deduce the trade abandon enhancement to be 8%) Using CAPM apportion the expected give-back on the equity for the concourse.  (To get the required blame of give-back on something-due, divorce the attention price by aggregate something-due)  (To get the aggregate something-due, add the narrow order something-due to hanker order something-due)  What is the Weighted mediocre consume of high (WACC) for the concourse? What is the leverage (aggregate something-due/equity relevancy) for the concourse?  Q2. By using the circumstances (Up to the year 2008) for Euro zone countries (excepting Malta and Cyprus) from 'OECD circumstance book' debate the contact of the subjoined circumstanceors in bringing environing the 'Euro crises':  1- Budget deficits and common something-due  2- Balance of payments  3- Social expenditures  Using graphs parallel the over circumstanceors for the countries in adversity, PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) vs. other countries in the Euro zone relish Gersundry and France that fared polite and contrariety which of the over circumstanceors may enjoy contributed to the occasion. The circumstance that all these countries were using a only circulation and did not enjoy the faculty to deesteem their own circulation could be another circumstanceor you demand to deduce when analyzing this end.  Q3. You enjoy owned and operated a fortunate brick-and-mortar profession for separate years. Due to increased emulation from other retailers, you enjoy unwavering to diffuse your operations to hawk your products via the Internet. Using your responses from earlier debateion questions and assignments (be certain you apprehend them in your segregation), amplify a delineation to tool and consummate your policy to go Ebusiness.  Q4. Write an 8 - 10 page APA formatted brochure that explains the subjoined: (1) three to impure deep concepts you enjoy skilled throughout this seven-week course; (2) substantiate the two to three concepts you would relish to dedicate to your exertion enhancement and how you get go environing tooling them; (3) substantiate the key elements of your delineation to establish your exercitation of leadership.  Q5. Answer the subjoined questions in a 3-5 page APA format brochure:  1. If you enjoy been confused earlierly as a overseer of diversify, how would you blame yourself in orders of your handling of the demand to siege actions that deeptain diversify? What enjoy you effected polite? What not so polite?  2. When you've been on the receiving end of the diversify initiatives of others, how polite enjoy they handled the demand to siege actions that deeptain diversify? What enjoy they effected polite? What not so polite?  3. Of the sundry predicaments presented in stipulation 12, which one resonates best after a while you? What is it environing this predicament that you can recite to? Are there any implications for how you would act in the forthcoming?  4. How amiable are you at handling unanticipated outcomes?  5. If there was one deep effect that you took separate from stipulation 12 that you revere can be of most use to you as a diversify overseer, what would it be?  6. If you were to add an effect to the composition of deeptaining diversify that is granted in stipulation 12, what would be your offering?