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Introduction to Business (100) - Meditation Nursing Dissertation Rubric

Your meditation Nursing Dissertation is an essay that allure introduce your reactions to and resolution of what you possess scholarly this semester. The Nursing Dissertation allure inform your overall understanding of and thoughts on the topics practised during the semester. It must be introduceed in a dignified and arranged method. Your Nursing Dissertation allure be a dignified essay, written in a Term instrument, using APA (or MLA) format, 1200 – 1500 signification, and 12 pt. font (Times or congruous).

Save your instrument as a Term instrument and bind it to an email.

The essay consists of an preliminary, substantiality, and omission.

Ø Introduction: explain your expectations precedently preliminary the career, balbutiation the chapters, completing the assignments, etc. 

Ø Body: Give your sensible idea encircling the scholarship acquaintance and balbutiation embodied. Provide inequitable details that rehearse to the embodied. Include any changes in your abilities, understanding, perceptions that occurred owing of the career.

Ø Conclusion: Provide a epitome of what you possess scholarly from the career. 













Information   is very arranged delay well-behaved-invented paragraphs and in APA (or MLA)   format. Notification rehearses to career   material.

Word   document

Information   is arranged delay well-behaved-invented paragraphs and notification rehearses to career embodied. 

Information   is arranged but paragraphs are not well-behaved-behaved invented and/or notification does   not rehearse to career embodied.

The   notification appears to be disarranged and barely partially rehearses to career   material.

Information   is not barely disarranged but does not rehearse to career embodied.


Communication of Ideas


Explores career   topics showing powerful understanding; goes more the obvious

Shows some   depth and entanglement of thought

Insufficient   demonstration of understanding of career embodied

Lacks   focus, simplistic, or fails to join ideas

Disorganized,   illogical, unfocused



(20 %)

No   grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors

Almost no   grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors

A few   grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors

Many verbal,   spelling, or punctuation errors

Serious and permanent errors in term cherished, mechanics,   usage, and phrase structure 


Paper Length and Sources


Essay   meets required (1200-1500 signification) and includes at smallest 3 references, not   including the textbook.

Essay term compute and/or references are under   requirement