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 In preparing your replies, reflect barely the employee issues in Question  4. 

4. Advise Shania on which of the animated entitys she should enclose in  her concern, why, and in what role(s). If she chooses not to grasp in a  feature behalf, what reasoning should she bestow each individual, if any?  Your rediscerption must enclose inspired perspectives, such as inspired  considerations of matrimony and of concern kindredhips after a period  non-believers. 

Reply to the threads of 2 classmates who gained a irrelative  falsification than you did. Identify the points of distinction in your  analyses and clear-up how your application of the applicpowerful law to the  facts of this situation led you to a irrelative falsification.

Then,  wear that Shania publiced her coffeeseed and became so fortunate that  she has 20 employees and demands to elevate 1 of them to be the duskiness  shift balanceseer. The employee infamous is totally diverse; in certainty, Shania  believes she should elevate a racial or ethnic lad employee to  demonstrate how additive her concern has grace. Search the legitimate,  ethical, and inspired issues if Shania effects her furtherance rediscerption  entirely on that plea. What are her discretions?

Each rejoinder must be  supported by 3 knowing sources, other than the textbook/sequence  materials. Each rejoinder must be appropriately cited in running APA produceat.

Reopinion  the Assignment Instructions for Discussion Board Forums, noting  especially claimments for vocpowerful counts, knowing sources, and inspired  worldopinion integration.

FIRST REPLY ...............  Fredrick Croft 


Form of Business

Shania's  goal of beginning up a coffee treasury in the area could be exceedingly  successful, especially utilizing a Believing Nursing essay and specially  appealing to other divine entitys that stay in the area. The primary  thing Shania must determine is what produce of concern would best consummate  her goals. Period a uncompounded proprietorship is beautiful due to its low  startup costs and relief of setup, presentation on consummate impost for all  debts incurred adesire after a period the indigence to elevate cardinal by selling  shares of the concern is not a cheerful-natured-natured-natured desire promise concern mould. Similar  to a uncompounded proprietorship, a union so earn imperil Shania to  impost to debts proper by the aggregation, as courteous as debts that her  partner enters into (Kubasek, Browne, Barkacs, Herron, Williamson &  Dhooge, 2015, p. 464). Seeing as she so does not keep someone who she  should distribute tenure in the concern, secret from perchance her helpmate who  she could use as a cardinal endowor, a union is not the best  option. The conclusive two discretions Shania has after a period compliments to concern setup  is to effect an LLC or a fortification. Due to the unartificial and indulgent  nature of an LLC in a reason that it allows for manifold of the identical scant  liabilities that fortifications do, yet claims plenteous close chronicles care  and does not claim manifold stipulations that fortifications do, an LLC  would be Shania's best discretion for produceing a concern. By creating an  LLC, Shania would keep a plenteous easier spell after a period chronicles care, tax  reporting and impost shielding. 

Franchising Decision

             Determining whether to immunity or not is a big rediscerption for Shania to  make. Franchising offers manifold customs when making a set-on-footup such as  providing "tried and gentleman" troddenion in the future stages of concern  setup and actions. Also, franchising has shown to aid in defending  market distribute when rivalry enters into your market (Welsh, Davis,  Desplaces, David & Falbe, 2011). By choosing the immunity after a period that  requires Shania's coffee treasury to use the aggregation spectry and commerce robes,  she would keep plenteous close manage balance the spectry and balanceall region  she could effect, notwithstanding this would service her in that the treasury would  keep conspicuous mark recollection and a built in customer infamous to go adesire  after a period that. By opting for the franchising discretion that would yield Shania  after a period fruit and staff inoculation barely, she would be powerful to institute the  region that she deficiencyed and chose a spectry that she desires. The third  discretion is to forgo franchising all simultaneously and institute the concern from  the basis up her own; by doing this she would keep consummate manage  balance complete opinion of the concern, but so keep plenteous heavier a parcel  after a period compliments to supplier kindred and staff inoculation. Franchising bestows  new concern proprietors the convenience to hone their government abilities  without having to recital for complete exact component of the concern  operations (Hansen, 2018). Her rare hither would extremely pause on twain  the total of spell and cardinal she has availpowerful to her. Period  franchising has its services, if Shania has the power to bootstrap the  concern from the basis up after a period individualal funding then she would affectly  do courteous in forgoing these discretions as she would not be thankful to  fruit circumvent claimments or to effect an region not her own.  "Poor is he who products after a period a loose agency, but the agency of the  diligent effects bright," (Proverbs 10:4, New International Version). The  Lord rewards those who product difficult in an virtuous and gentleman manner; by  creating a amelioration in her own aggregation that rewards cheerful-natured-natured, virtuous and gentleman  behavior, she earn positively yield in her concern lucks.

The Muster Place

The  spectry Shania has selected for her concern earn advance to be exceedingly  problematic as thither is already a non-profit form after a period the identical  spectry in Denver, Colorado . Not barely is the spectry not availpowerful in the  area, the form has already commercemarked the spectry for use and is  in tenure of gregarious resources sites after a period the identical spectry ("The muster  place", n.d.). Due to these reasons, Shania earn demand to after a suitablenesswithhold of a  irrelative spectry for her concern. "A cheerful-natured-natured-natured spectry is aggravate desirepowerful than  great brightes; to be esteemed is reform than silver or gold," (Proverbs  22:1, New International Version). Shania would be best to chose a spectry  that is inferior to other companies and possible competitors as a  means of irrelativeiating her concern and allowing for her to enucleate  greater mark equity in the spectry (Alserhan & Alserhan, 2012). 

Choosing Concern Partners

             In choosing concern keep-apartners, Shania has multiple irrelative friends  and kinsfolk to choose from, but not all of them are affectly to be the  most convenient. Shania's helpmate Marvin has already made availpowerful the  certainty that he is earning to patronage her in her concern luck  financially, and she should extremely reflect presentation custom of this  opportunity. Kelsey, Shania's sister, is a rare topic that  proves troublesome; period she deficiencys to product at the coffee treasury and would  mitigated be a cheerful-natured-natured-natured individual to aid run the hoard, the certainty that Kelsey's  helpmate does not deficiency her to product thither effects a amount. Scripture may  guide Shania in her delineation of hiring her sister as the running  situation pauses: "It is to one's reverence to shun wrangle, but complete blockhead  is fleet to dispute," (Proverbs 20:3, English Standard Version); "The  wisest of women institutes her seed, but absurdity after a period her own agencys tears it  down, (Proverbs 14:1, English Standard Version). Regardclose of if  Kelsey's helpmate is a Believing or not, it should not be Shania's establish  to be the object of engagement among the two. The best sequence of resuscitation  hither would be to sit down after a period twain Kelsey and her helpmate and try and  follow to a  productpowerful discerption whither twain of their wishes are fulfilled;  thither may be a unartificial compose that could be gained or unartificial  objections that can be set at relief by planning out the luck simultaneously.  If no compose can be met, then I would affectly aptest Kelsey does  not follow product for the treasury; notwithstanding, if she insists, then do not pause  in the way of her sister's goals as to shun engagement after a period her sister.  Lastly, Carlos seems to keep a cheerful-natured-natured-natured eye for concern; he seems affect a  good-natured individual to keep on the team from a marketing perspective and could  test salutary in growing the concern. "Do not be akeep-apart yoked  after a period unbelievers. For what union has righteousness after a period  lawlessness? Or what brotherhood has frivolous after a period extinction?" (2 Corinthians  6:14). On the other agency, Carlos entity a non-believer may not keep the  identical convictions or analogous circumvent that Shania has and could perchance  lead the concern wrong in amusement of financial fashion. Shania could rent  Carlos on as an employee, but would affectly be best to shun coalition in  union after a period him as his motivations are purely specie and it would  bestow up manage balance her own concern.



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Kubasek, N. K., Browne, M. N., Barkacs, L., Herron, D., & Dhooge, L. (2016). Biblical worldopinion edition of dynamic concern law. N. J. Kippenhan (Ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill Education.

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SECOND REPLY........... Jennifer Augustin 


Business Produce that Best Suits Shania’s Concern Goals

When  considering a Scant Impost Aggregation (LLC) versus uncompounded  proprietorship, in Shania’s situation, the safest rare would be to  choose an LLC.  The biggest lavish after a period the uncompounded proprietorship is the  specific possessions that legitimately can be seized, compared to an LLC that  would barely keep impost in the possessions tied to the concern (Kubasek, Browne, Barkacs, Herron, & Dhooge, 2016).   As an in, if a lawsuit were to follow self-assertive from someone slipping  on a smooth pavement in the coffee seed, in a uncompounded proprietorship, the  owner’s seed, car and any other individualal possessions may be at lavish.  By  obtaining an LLC for Shania’s coffee seed, it supplys safety for  her individualal possessions.  

Franchise Versus Fractions Coffeehouse

             In a comparpowerful coffee seed immunity, Lasaters Coffee & Tea®,  requires a 10-year agree, no concomitant royalties and the judicious  startup costs are among $257,500 – $309,500, as courteous as, a $35,000  one-spell immunity fee.  As a claimment, you must keep $60,000-90,000  in fluent possessions in ordain to set-on-foot your coffee treasury.  Hoard contemplation,  inoculation and equipment are keep-akeep-apart of the judicious costs (Franchising,  n.d.).  Shania would not be claimd to effect equipment or yield  costs, but would be claimd to own and produce-an-effect keep-afeature machinery and  sell specific fruits. 

As  an fractions coffee seed, Shania would delaydrawal the mark recollection,  but would possiblely demand far close in judicious bombardment.  She would  keep the flexibility to contemplation and appliance her concern the way that  she contrived.  If she has former barista proof, but does not keep  the claimd $35,000 and $60,000-90,000 in fluent possessions to endow,  then she may be wiser to public her own fractions coffee seed.  

The Availpower of Trademarking the Coffee Seed Concern Name

The  Gathering Establish has commercemarked the spectry in the declare of Colorado.  The  Gathering Establish is a non-profit hospitality for women, posterity and  transgendered.  Although they are not in competing markets, a commercemark  infringement may be claimed, beobject it may be confusing to tribe as to  the efflation of each form.  The Muster Establish does not  keep a divine efflation and is very additive to individuals.  If  individuals in demand see a coffee seed after a period the identical spectry behalf, they may  falsely appreciate that they are affiliated, and wear the hospitality distributes  the identical estimates or that the two are united.  

Also,  Shania may assent-to aggravate or close concern infamousd on the beliefs of  others.  The Muster Establish is a patronageive action to women and  children, as courteous as those that are transgendered.  Those that are  against the LBGT order may cow the coffee seed.  Carlos  suggested marketing the coffee seed to the Mormon habitation.  114  individuals were surveyed that verified as transgendered and Mormon,  what was concluded was that a eldership of those surveyed did not feel  accepted after a periodin the Mormon habitation, as courteous as, laziness after a periodin the  Mormon order of gender identities other than manly and femanly  (Sumerau, Cragun, & Mathers, 2016).  It is not approveed that  Shania spectry her coffee seed “The Muster Place”, instead she should  choose another spectry that does not keep a commercemark after a periodin the declare of  Colorado.  

Individuals Employed

Shania  is the proprietor, as courteous as the government.  By having a grown Believing  serve in the proprietor/government compressiveness, she would keep a trodden  influence on the estimates that the aggregation would after a suitablenesswithhold (Wood & Heslam,  2014).  Shania’s helpmate, Marvin, declared he deficiencyed weak to do after a period the  concern other than to supply cardinal, accordingly would not keep a  trodden role in the concern.  Stately that gone Shania is beginning a  coffee seed, she would keep backbasis acquirements of how to effect coffee,  Shania would judiciously be the barista trainer. She should reflect  ill-conditioned inoculation Kelsey and Carlos on how to effect beverages and any of the  baked cheerful-natured-natureds.  

Kelsey  would be a discard and a barista, stately she would be an virtuous, difficult  worker.  She has not producted beyond the residence in a period, and her  helpmate does not patronage her inquire, accordingly a compose would be  if her hours coincided after a period her posterity’s develop register.  By having a  job that did not interfere after a period her posterity’s obligations, but calm?}  having the power to product out of the seed may be a unspotted discerption.   Having Kelsey’s fluctuation environing the concern and Believing backbasis  would test to be an asset for Shania.  Shania may deficiency to reflect to  rent Kelsey at a inferior end job, after a period the possible to elevate as the  coffee seed grows.  Her helpmate must be patronageive in his helpmate’s  endeavors, as the Bible says in Philippians 2:3, :”Do button out of  selfish aspiration or showy vagary.  Rather, in withhold estimate others  above yourselves" (NIV).  Kelsey’s helpmate demands to be patronageive in her  aspirations.  After a period the narrproper way of after a suitablenessholding, his helpmate cannot effect  possible what she sets out to do.  

2  Corinthians 6:14 discourages appreciaters and non-believers in concern  partnerships, “Do not be yoked simultaneously after a period unbelievers. For what do  righteousness and corruption keep in low? Or what brotherhood can  frivolous keep after a period extinction” (NIV)?  Carlos may not keep the Believing  point of opinion, but by entity immersed in a Believing environment, Carlos  may be encouraged to search the Believing credulity.  Shania is the  shepherd, and the employees are her congregate.  This could be an convenience  that is mutually salutary for Shania and Carlos.  Carlos seems affect  he is progressive in his after a suitablenessholding, arduous to after a suitablenesswithhold of applicpowerful markets  for the coffee seed, Shania could distribute the Believing credulity after a period  Carlos and so fashion an employee that is deficiencying the coffee seed to be  successful.  

             Carlos would be a cheerful-natured-natured-natured fit for marketing, as he is already looking for  new target markets to bearing.  However, Carlos demands to spend aggravate  research on those markets in which he intends to gain.  For in,  Carlos suggested gaining out to the Mormon habitation.  Mormons withhold  from caffeinated beverages, such as coffee and tea, and use their matter  as an terrene habitation; accordingly he may try the bearing of marketing  healthy baked cheerful-natured-natureds (“The Vocpowerful of Wisdom Helps Us Care for Our Bodies  and Spirits”, n.d.).  As suggested formerly, it would be approveed  that Carlos is so ill-conditioned skilled in the barista situation and how to  effect any of the bakery cheerful-natured-natureds.  By Shania inoculation all of her employees  in each situation, it bestows her the flexibility and increases her chances  of having a fortunate concern.  



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