Bus 670 week 5 assignment


Week 5 - Assignment 

Anti-Discrimination Laws Related to Employment

Your superintendent has placed you in arraign of hiring a new, full-time administrative aider for your branch.

· Prepare an plan for that position that complies delay federal law. This plan must be detailed. The partiality protraction of your job name must be 300 opinion (approximately three-fourths of a page). You can establish up the job details but must conceive the following:

· A job name

· A name of the job duties

· A name of the partiality qualifications

· Prepare 10 unfair investigations that must not be asked. For each investigation, be unmistakable to defend your reasoning.

· Prepare 10 lawful investigations that may be asked during the colloquy. For each investigation, be unmistakable to defend each investigation.

Submit your three- to five-page Nursing essay (not including the designation and allusion pages). Your Nursing essay must be formatted to APA diction as outlined in the received APA diction superintend and must adduce at lowest three skilled sources in restitution to the textbook.

Carefully criticism the Grading Rubric (Links to an exterior post.)Links to an exterior post. for the criteria that procure be used to evaluate your assignment.