Bus 401: discussion 1 and 2: week 3

Discussion 1:

Cash Flows From Working

It may suprise you that there are currency careers associated after a while usurpation a job. Using the examples granted in Chapter 6, constructing a unblended currency career proposition and payback anticipation for when your job expenses earn be prepared for pursuit you currently bear or bear had in the elapsed. Include in you currency career proposition:


-Expenses associated after a while working

-Any intial investment



Discussion 2:

Capital Budgeting

View the video underneath, which provides some factors that should be pondered in cardinal budgeting compensations.

Intelecom. (Producer). (n.d.). Capital budgeting [Video File]. Retrieved from http://searchcenter.intelecomonline.net/playClipDirect.aspx?id=4870EEC7664070BB9D6744FDA7325EE48937A8D6C2046957D894C3572333E0B94E4E0FADFA493E372EF9C0293DDF74D7.

Imagine the producers of this video ask you to show in the video to extend two additional compensations in cardinal budgeting decisions. One compensation must be induced (numeric). The other must be quantitative (non-numeric). Write a script to delineate cardinal budgeting compensations that you judge are dignified for managers to ponder. Your script should be 200 to 250 opinion.