Bus 101 | Human Resource Management homework help

Bus101 raillery (Business Organizations)

The due age is in 1hrs


1/ Twain socialism and communism are variations of:

Select one:

a. direct economies.

b. competitive economies.

c. at-liberty-chaffer economies.

d. plutocratic methods.

2 / To be serviceable, entitlement gain insist-upon inferior-flatten is-sueers to :

Select one:

a. relish past luxuriance.

b. sanction adjacent allegiance and inferior stipend.

c. admit adjacent luxuriance.

d. relish written policies predominant each bearing of their is-sue.


As a intelling transaction possessor, Tanika can't excontribute to contribute her employees after a while the noble stipend and benefits exhibited by big strengthenings. One way to keep her employees and educe a noble flatten of motivation would be to:

Select one:

a. frighten to affection her massive employees and commission new is-sueers.

b. incorporeprove a plan of promoting the is-sueers who relish been occupied the longest.

c. qualify her employees to unfold their own ideas.

d. commission merely nobility members, past they are past constant.


Anita is occupied as insert director for Mojo Industries, Incorporated. Though she bestows some age performing all administration functions, she is chiefly resthither after a while tactical planning and guiding. Anita's posture would be classified as dissect of Mojo's:

Select one:

a. top administration.

b. resultant administration.

c. superintendenty administration.

d. average administration.


Which of the aftercited policies would contribute to inflame entrepreneurship?

Select one:

a. settleing a circulation that is tradtalented on globe chaffers.

b. settleing past regulations to fortify the environment.

c. unfolding policies to impoverish rottenness betwixt lifes.

d. granting common possessorship of transactiones.



All else held similar, socially imperative solids:

Select one:

a. are viewed past favorably by consumers.

b. relish tellingly nobleer returns.

c. regularly trial customer constantty problems.

d. miscarry to gain adapted returns for their possessors.

7) After separeprove savings, the direct amplest spring of excellent for entrepreneurs is from:

Select one:

a. ample multinational banks.

b. the Intelling Transaction Administration.

c. narreprove and topical synods.

d. friends and nobility.


Patrick's Products has a manufacturing insert adjacent Chicago. The insert specializes in compound washers and dryers for countries in which consumers relish adjacent living boundlessness. Patrick's Products dissecticipates in the global chaffer through:

Select one:

a. importing.

b. dumping.

c. exporting.

d. balancing dealing.


Managers who hear to their subordinates and grant them to dissecticipate in decision-making are using the ____________ indicate of rouse.

Select one:

a. autocratic

b. at-liberty-rein

c. dissecticipative

d. bureaucratic


Which of the aftercited narratements environing dissectnerships is the most deferential?

Select one:

a. A dissectnership is merely a strengthening after a while fewer than 100 possessors.

b. A greater usage of a dissectnership is that it exhibits possessors scant impost.

c. A greater unsavoriness of a dissectnership is that it is intricate to limit.

d. Partnerships are taxed at the lay-opened corporeprove tax reprove.

11/  The legitimate instance counter Martha Stewart alleges that she:

Select one:

a. used illegitimate immigrant drudge.

b. miscarryed to settle a edict of ethics for her solid.

c. sold illegitimate drugs to undercover synod officials.

d. dissecticipated in insider trading.

12/ Which of the aftercited is a deduce South America is proportionately thin and there is adjacent currency beneficial for entrepreneurial ventures?

Select one:

a. There is a after a whiledrawal of immunity to rouse transactiones beneficial in the South American economic methods.

b. The currencies of South America are not tradtalented on the globe chaffer.

c. South Americans are not born entrepreneurs.

d. South Americans opereprove transactiones in at-liberty chaffers.

13/Which of the aftercited describes an environment in which grounds is immediately beneficial via the Internet to organizational dissectners?

Select one:

a. networking

b. actual age

c. implicit transaction

d. e-commerce

14/ Daggie's Sandwiches, Inc., vends the rights to use its indicate and vend its sandwiches in a dedicated chaffer area to fiery transaction herd who are gaining to pay agreed upon fees and engage fixed contractual stipulations. Daggie's:

Select one:

a. is subsidy endowors the convenience to constitute scant dissectnerships.

b. is a franchisor.

c. educes individual conducive companies.

d. exhibits a tax-at-liberty bombardment germinative.

15/ Ramon subsists in Mexico City and is a Mexican burgess. He has various friends in the United States who own distributes in an S strengthening. Ramon would affect to endow in this crew. Ramon:

Select one:

a. can endow in this crew, but must pay twain U.S. and Mexican taxes.

b. cannot grace a distributeholder past he is not a burgess or steady inhabitant of the U.S.

c. can grace a distributeholder but cannot grace a director, and his proceeds must be remunerated in pesos.

d. demands commendation from the Mexican synod precedently he can endow.

16/ According to the boxed representative entitled "Spotlight on Intelling Business" in Chapter 4, which of the aftercited is gentleman?

Select one:

a. Intelling transactiones are not talented to dissecticipate in general.

b. Charities demand currency, not equipment.

c. Divers entrepreneurs relish a forced age determining how to rouse a charitable-giving program.

d. Nonbenefit-service organizations convergence on ample contributions after a while well-mannered-mannered settleed reputations.

17/ According to the boxed representative entitled "Legal Briefcase," if a freedom convenience sounds too cheerful to be gentleman, you:

Select one:

a. should act unyielding, owing "the present bird catches the insert."

b. should endowigate it carefully precedently making a commitment.

c. are probably life too skeptical, owing franchising is the safest way to rouse a transaction.

d. should try to grace the franchisor rather than the freedome.

18/ ___________ studies the influence of a nation's administration as a complete.

Select one:

a. Microeconomics

b. Socioeconomics

c. Econometrics

d. Macroeconomics

19/  Which of the aftercited determines the limit of decentralization a solid sway use?

Select one:

a. the limit to which inferior flatten administration is qualifyed to constitute decisions

b. the tie of direct used to prosper the career of antecedent from top of the hierarchy to the lay-opened flattens

c. the geographical area served by the solid's influences

d. the limit of fruit standardization long-ford by the chafferplace

20/  Fourteen years ago, Murray noticed that a lot of herd who bought separeprove computers actually did not distinguish plenteous environing how to use them and regularly suffered method crashes and other aggravations. He firm he could gain a dainty benefit-service by rouseing a consulting transaction to aid other herd subdue their computer woes. Although the transaction struggled at primitive, it has been altogether happy for the lay-opened five years. Murray has divers content customers, and the transaction has lay-opened to the top he now employs various is-sueers. Murray's trial is an stance of:

Select one:

a. socialism at is-sue.

b. the power of relatively usage.

c. the minute artisan.

d. the multiplier power.

21/ Continental Foods is looking at a possibility of consentaneous to a conglomereprove merger. A affectly deduce Continental may be looking at this kind of merger is a long-for to:

Select one:

a. lay-open its chaffer distribute.

b. unfold spin-off companies.

c. variegate its influences.

d. engage the insist-uponments to alter to a scant impost crew.

22/ Which of the aftercited is a hurdle to be subdue in the global chafferplace?

Select one:

a. after a whiledrawal of cultural understanding

b. after a whiledrawal of herd after a while the long-for and ability to buy your fruit

c. after a whiledrawal of global regular resources

d. after a whiledrawal of chaffer opportunities

23/ ________ contributes knowledge to transactiones about where herd subsist, what they buy, and how they bestow their age.

Select one:

a. Sociography

b. Econometrics

c. Demography

d. Anthropology

24/ Monique's Unique Tile Boutique exhibits honorary tile from about the globe. The possessor regularly travels overseas to dispose the best and most extraordinary tile that outlandish producers relish to exhibit. Monique practices:

Select one:

a. importing.

b. licensing.

c. dumping.

d. exporting.

25/ A transaction incurs a ___________ if its costs and expenses abound its revenues.

Select one:

a. loss

b. impost

c. debit

d. dividendKaren Jobs is a superintendent who deals immediately after a while a collocation of fruition sequence is-sueers. She bestows various hours each week unfolding restricted is-sue assignments and fruition schedules for the future week so that the fruition division can engage its short-term fruition objectives. This suggests that a telling constituent of Karen's job involves:

Select one:

a. strategic planning.

b. uncertainty planning.

c. tactical planning.

d. influenceal planning.