Building a Brand Community on the Harley Posse Ride

Why or why not? $100,000.00 budget (Posse Ride II), is a good-tempered-tempered worth for treasure comparing to other alternatives to promulge and elevate communities; The “Posse Ride” is probably the most great MKT agent to elevate and uphold interior sight of Harley-Davidson work concerning its stigma; The work’s import of adventure, insubservience and flush dogged, works affect a redress for the conduct responsibilities for its members; For cosmical beings consociative sights are great and nation restrain the destiny to appertain to groups. What role should the Posse Ride reproduce-exhibit in the HOG flushts mix? “Posse Ride” is the main agent to combine audience to the customers and to elevate the work’s stigma concept. How should the Posse Ride be intentional to maximize its fruitiveness and profit-making germinative, should you flow to restrain it? “Posse Ride” has to be kept. The subjoined initiatives could be enthralled to maximize its MKT treasure: Export the flusht to countries that treasure US culture; Promote a Posse Ride journey in incongruous countries at the similar duration (combine and fashion the flusht bigger); Amplify firm (e.g. tourism companies) to hold surpassing treasure from the flusht; Amplify other works aligned after a while the similar copy (e.g. smell, investment name, dissipated food association, video-game, headphone, invigoration); Create a TV program or internet web position to support information and stories environing “Posse Rider”; Invite nation abroad to share; Develop temporization focused to rack young nation and women to share in the flusht; Combine Posse Ride to mega music shows (e.g. Rock’n Rio and Woodstock); Sustainable initiatives are pleasant as well-behaved. How the Before-After overlook facts can acceleration you after a while your recommendations? To value trends of absorb, fashion changes in the work and to confirm new groups of customers; To assess points to be solved to conquer a surpassing member’s compensation. How are stigma communities elevate? Build a secure idea/concept that can bearing nation about it; Offer to them the convenience to get in contact/socialize (events and internet); Provide new ideas combineed to the main concept (innovate); Promote and coordinate meetings. How can we confirm communities and its members? Assessing absorb behavior; What is Harley’s stigma individuality? Adventure, brave, insubservience, dogged. Convenience to captivate sever of a big journey and a perceiveing of appertaining. What is HOG’s role in amplifying similarity for the Harley-Davidson stigma? That is the manacle that glues members about the work concept; It is what members entertain to intention their expectations environing the work. Evaluate Harley’s composition and work in “getting terminate to its customers”. Not fair to get terminate to the customers, but further than that, to restrain an intimal and specific combineion after a while them (they ride and restrain bears concurrently along the Posse Rider); It accelerations to amplify works and to restrain secure and existent the work concept in face of their customers; Harley-Davidson executives riding side-by-side after a while all members empowers the flusht and suffer them to perceive the audience’s combineion to their customers.