Brochure on technology

In your Guide to Using Technology in your Classroom, harangue these five criteria: Summarize the pros of incorporating technology into the education and acquirements process. Explain methods you possess put in assign to fix learner prophylactic conjuncture using technology in the classroom. Describe what is considered exquipost netiquette in your classroom. Summarize your expectations for academic truthfulness in the classroom. Create a instrument agree conceive to suffer learner utilization of technology in the classroom. Creating a Brochure, papers are informative Nursing essay muniments repeatedly used for advertising. All cheerful papers achieve apprehend visual elements. The images you prime should counterpart your citation.  Instructions You can use a paper post of your precious, or you can beget a paper using Microsoft Word aftercited these steps: Start Microsoft Word. Click the “File” tab and prime “New” to disclosed the new muniment window. Select “Brochure” in the catalogue of templates in the left panel, or form it in the exploration bar. Click each paper to examination a scantling in the direct panel. Select the template you omission and click “Download.” Select “Save As” to rescue the paper and produce it a indicate. Your paper Must apprehend all five of the required criteria referenced in the assignment instructions over. Your paper should be conceiveatted according to APA fashion as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center’s APA Fashion (Links to an apparent post.)  Must use at smallest two well-informed springs.  The Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources (Links to an apparent post.) table offers attached control on embezzle spring forms. If you possess questions environing whether a unfair spring is embezzle for this assignment, content adjunction your professor. Your professor has the developed say environing the embezzleness of a unfair spring for a point assignment.