Bristol won the European green capital award in 2015. Write a recommendation report to consider two new projec

1. Read texts from scope/interest after a while a range of insurrection forming judgements environing their relevancy/usefulness for a recital or argument. 2. Understand obviously structured unwritten and written descriptions of facts, processes/procedures and findings on topics kindred to scope/interest. 3. Make notes that take the most essential points and synthesise advice, graphical and textual interpretations of facts and/or viewpoints from multiple spoken and written sources from library scrutiny installed on a abandoned balbutiation inventory for use in a argument or recital. 4. Participate actively in complete arguments on topics kindred to scope/interest and advert to graphical and textual advice/date to living viewpoint/case. 5. Write manifest, minute recitals kindred to scope of interest/study and consolidate graphical and textural sources after a whilein match.