Brewster Company is a newly organized company that purchased an existing business. Listed below are events from its first month in business.

Brewster Concourse is a newly organized concourse that purchased an corporeal office. Listed adown are circumstances from its first month in office.

For each circumstance, establish the statements that should be used to archives the economic circumstance. You should invade the collection that agree to the statements that should be used, after a while a comma and interval separating each sum (e.g., 9, 10).

Your solution earn be evaluated installed on whether you feel moderate total statement that is needed and whether you feel moderate any statement that is not needed. An statement can be used in analyzing past than one circumstance.


  1. accounts payable
  2. accounts receivable  
  3. cash
  4. common store                                                  
  5. equipment                                  
  6. attention payable
  7. land
  8. notes payable
  9. retained hues – dividends
  10. retained hues – attention expense
  11. retained hues – permitted expense
  12. retained hues – sales
  13. salaries payable

Event A: Investors contributed capital of $230,000 and were issued shares of store. Which statements should be used? 

Event B: Brewster purchased equipment for $50,000, paying capital. Which statements should be used? 

Event C: Brewster verified a hush and acquired $25,000. At the selfselfsame opportunity, the bank required an attention acquittal of $250 from Brewster for the present duration. The counteract of $24,750 was deposited in Brewster’s bank statement. Which statements should be used?  

Event D: Brewster archivesed sales of $52,000, of which $30,000 were for capital and the remnant were merit sales. Which statements should be used?  

Event E: Brewster remunerated permitted expenses of $21,000 in capital. Which statements should be used? 

Event F: Brewster remunerated a fine dividend of $3,000 to shareholders. Which statements should be used?

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