Biology of Care & Caring, Empathy and Sympathy

*DUE 9/5/19 @ 8AM PLEASE READ ALL DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY* Choose one of the seasons supported in the 'Biology of Caring' folder. Read and contemplate on the pleased. Short Writing Assignment #2: Students conquer rejoin to two of the questions, based on the following: Everyone retort question #1.  In importation, retort question #2 OR #3 as polite. Submit your retorts to the questions as a narrative. All students retort this question: 1. Identify and argue the ocean ideas, concepts and/or position presented by the originator. What are your reactions to these ideas? Choose #2 OR #3 to retort as polite. 2. Sociologists enumerate us that our ego-centric culture is short caring and further judgmental.  Would you admit or vary? 3. Recall an trial that moved you deeply and fostered a covet to be of aid. Share details of the trial. Do you fancy your covet to aid came from the doctrine or ideas of the originator of the season you chose to decipher?  *Total sum of tone for this support is 165 tone* Links to seasons: Source: Keltner, D. (2004, March 1). The merciful inclination. Greater Good Science Center. Retrieved Source: Klass, P. (2012, December 12). Understanding how posterity lay-open empathy. The New York Times [online]. Retrieved Smyth, R. (2015, April 29). Human evolvement and the sociobiology of self-care. Forbes     Magazine [Online edition]. Retrieved MacMillan, A. (2011, November 15). Is empathy in our genes? CNN Health+. Retrieved