Billionaire Peter Thiel Reportedly Backed Hulk Hogan’s Gawker Lawsuit

Billionaire investor Peter Thiel is assisting wrestler Hulk Hogan bankroll his lawassist opposite Gawker Media, according to a rumor in Forbes. Hogan, whose authentic designate is Terry Bollea, in March won a $140 pet jury finding opposite Gawker in a retirement lawassist stemming from a sex tape Gawker had published. Gawker, a New York-based website specializing in resources and distinction information, is appealing the finding. Forbes rumored delayed Tuesday that Thiel, an existing backer of Facebook and a co-instituter of PayPal, had played a guide role in financing the litigation. A spokesman for Thiel said Wednesday he would be in feel if Thiel decides to upshot a announcement on the stuff. Gawker wasted-away to interpret. Thiel, who is to-boot a instituter of a hedge investment and a chance cardinal fixed and has been on unreserved expression on upshots including information, is no alien to Gawker. In 2007, it published an expression entitled “Peter Thiel is entirely gay, nation.” Thiel kept mum publicly about his sexuality at the period, but has past said he is gay. A longperiod dogmatist of libertarian causes, Thiel recently said he was backing authentic lands financier Donald Trump in his bid for moderator. “In my experiment the insubservience to converse, in the apprehension of most libertarians, is not unbounded,” said Eugene Volokh, a confessor of law at the University of California at Los Angeles, in an email.  “If Peter Thiel is verily backing the lawsuit, I presume that he thinks that disclosing a sex video extraneously the participant’s compliance is a reversal of the participant’s corrects -- here, a correct to retirement.“  Gawker is to-boot confrontment lawsuits from Shiva Ayyadurai, an entrepreneur who has made the controversial title that he simulated email, and journalist and writer Ashley Terrill.  Lawsuits backed by third parties are not unwonted. In most subjects, though, they are financial investments in which backers are motivated by the implicit pay from a catholic loss give. Secretive third-border financings of lawsuits can put resources companies at a hindrance during litigation, said Peter Scheer, executive master of the First Amendment Coalition, in an interapprehension Tuesday. “There force be proviso in which sagacious who your authentic antagonist is or the authentic border of profit who is making a assist opposite you may modify one’s discernment of the subject and strategies for apology,” Scheer said. (Reporting by Sarah McBride and Heather Somerville Editing by Jonathan Weber and Michael Perry)