Biblical Leadership Theme Reports LEAD 510


The tyro succeed refer  one 7-page descriptions pertaining to the main start topics stemming from the Forrest/Roden textbook lection assignments.


Textbook Readings

  • Forrest, OT chs 16-19
  • Malphurs: ch. 5

 Each article must inclose a distinction page, 1-page presentation, 5-page digest analyses of main start topics, and a 1-pageconclusion and bibliography/reference page.  The description must be in the Turabian name format 

After lection through the 19 chapters of the O.T. and the 14 chapters loving to the N.T. supply a neat digest of 3 to 5 main topics per title.  Summarize each topic but further materially supply an separation identifying the reasons why each topic is especially material to you or to our lifetime in commendations to practicing Godly start no stuff the matter of one's function or location.