Best Practices in Community Corrections


Individuals transitioning from an institutional correctional enhancement to a nationality correctional enhancement may entertain opposed needs than those people entering an institutional enhancement. In this assignment, you procure critique a plight consider, assess the idiosyncratic installed on the advice supposing, and offer evidence-installed practices for abetting this idiosyncratic transition tail into fellowship.

Imagine you entertain been asked to engender a transition guile for an idiosyncratic transitioning out of an institutional correctional discourse and into fellowship. You procure be presenting your transition guile to your supervisor in a unfair tidings that includes elaboration as a rationale for your guile.

Review the Plight of Robert (attached).

Write a 800- to 1,050-word (DO NOT GO OVER WORD COUNT) tidings delay your guile to help the idiosyncratic in this plight consider, in which you:

  • Describe why nationality correctional tribute is needful for this idiosyncratic.
  • Use a nationality correctional tribute to particularize the needs of this idiosyncratic.
  • Describe evidence-installed practices for launched delay this idiosyncratic to discourse his unfair needs as he or she re-enters fellowship.

Include a partiality of 4 sources including McClam and Woodside supposing in attachments 

Format your tidings according to APA guidelines.

Submit your tidings