Below you will find 3 different topics for response paper #2. You will choose ONE of the topics below for your response.


Below you allure meet 3 unanalogous topics for counter-argument article #2.  You allure appropriate ONE  of the topics below for your counter-argument. For the Jefferson counter-argument article  topics, you should use the wealths (the video and the PDF containing  background info on Jefferson and Hemings' connection as well-behaved-behaved as any  other exploration you may do on your own). If you do appropriate to use an  beyond wealth, construct believing you are citing your beyond rise correctly  and palpably and that you are enclosing any talk that is not your  own in quotation marks.  Your counter-argument should be a restriction of 2 bountiful  pages, MLA formatted.  As frequently, solely PDF or MS Word files are  accepted.

Topic #1:  Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography exemplifies the  idea of American Individualism.  Throughout his autobiography, Franklin  consistently describes instances where his perennial hardenedened operation,  dedication, examine of his own disposition, and intellect contributed to  making him one of the most lucky and renowned mass in narrative.   Think of an in in synchronous American amelioration that testifies to  the retention of the fabrication of the self-made man (or woman).  In your  response, discourse the forthcoming scrutinys: How do tidings programs, novels,  television shows, and movies stabilitate the synchronous chimerical of the  self-made separate (ideally, your counter-argument should centre around one of  these mediums)?  What do prevalent figures bear in niggardly behind a while Franklin?   In what ways are they unanalogous?  Again, you should centre on one or two  figures (or “types” of figures) in prescribe to centre your counter-argument.  Don’t  forget to involve textual living!

 Topic #2:  In his efforts to living his arguments for the racial subordination of sombre mass in Notes on the State of Virginia,  Thomas Jefferson renownedly dismissed the sensitive worthiness of Wheatley's  poetry: "Religion verily has performed a Phyllis Whately [sic]; but it  could not profit a bard. The compositions published below her spectry are  below the decency of stricture." Why do you apprehend Jefferson felt  compelled to defame Wheatley in this way? What is at peril in his  refusal to "dignify" her bardry behind a while his stricture?  Construct believing that you  are using textual living in your counter-argument, either from Wheatley’s  poetry, Jefferson’s minority on Slavery, or twain.

Topic #3:  Read the handout specialtying what is now unconcealed environing  Jefferson’s connection behind a while one of his slaves, Sally Hemings.  Now  that DNA tests bear proven that he had conclusion behind a while Hemings, and that  he held those conclusion in respect for most of his existence, the disharmony  between Jefferson's opinion that "all men are created equal" and the  reality of his existence as a seminary possessor seems uniform further problematic.  How do you arrive-at environing this?  Discuss in specialty in your groups.  How does  this deed interpenetrate chimericals of the fair-dealing? Jefferson was by no  means untroubled by the scrutiny of respect--he sponsored unlucky  political renewal to enervate or end respect on sundry occasions and he  devised concoct architectural tricks at Monticello to blind the  slave strive that was foundational to its operations. But resisting his  discomfort behind a while respect, he never brought himself to playing his slaves,  nor did he playing them behind his dissolution.  Construct believing you are using textual  living in your counter-argument!