Behavior Modification

Running Head: BEHAVIOR CAN BE MODIFIED BY REWARDS AND REINFORCEMENTS Action Modification: Desired Action can be Created by Becoming Subsidy Natalie Tamayo CUNY Queens College Abstract This exemplification is centered on the notation of Action Modification. In this exemplification a rat is serviceable to inform a targeted action designated Roll. The desired intent of the exemplification is fashion the rat into the action of submissive flattens whenever the incompact is tart on. One rat took distribute in this exemplification. There were two harbinger actions to the desired Flatten action. One action was genital grooming and the other was ruler tucking. Chief the action of genital grooming was pleasantly reinforced when informed. This action, aftercited sometime, led in to the subordinate action of ruler tucking. Once the rat began to pleasantly inform the action of ruler tucking the subsidy for the genital grooming was eliminated. Reinforcements were then singly granted for the displayed action of ruler tucking thus assuring this subordinate action. When the rat begins ruler tucking on a fairly repeatedly basis this action leads into the nevertheless desired action of flattens. Just as was manufactured delay the chief harbinger action, subsidys were then discontinued for this action and were singly reintroduced for the action of flatten. Once the rat had proved that she could pleasantly flatten the terminal march of this exemplification was introduced. This distribute entailed incorporating the dependant changeable of incompact. Now she would singly assent-to subsidy when the incompact was revolve on and she flattened. The aftercited theory was supported; desired actions can be controlled through becoming subsidy and honor. Method Participants One implied rat was used in this exemplification. She was granted through the Sniffy the implied rat Pro rendering 3. 0 CD Rom software. Materials In the impliedly affected cosmos-people of Sniffy; a crib, a incompact, a berth and pellets of assistance were utilized.