Behavior change worksheet

Choose a view you failure to terminate or a conduct you failure to veer. For issue, it could be a favoring conduct, such as an eating custom, managing provoke, minimizing delay, befitting a expertness, or how you training your consequence. Be favoring in describing the conducts you failure to demonstrate, twain in the desired view and in the steps internal that view.


Based on the instruction in Ch. 7 of Positive Psychology on sly identical views and in Ch. 8 on educeing self-regulation and toleration, educe a drawing to veer the conduct and counterpart the subjoined questions.


1.What is the favoring conduct you failure to veer? (50-100 utterance)

2.Why would it be a treasure to plug this conduct or attain a new conduct or expertness? (100-150 utterance)

3.What is your force drawing to veer your conduct? (250-300 utterance)

4.How would you recognize if you wellbred your objectives? (100-150 utterance)