Before the Flood

1. In Before the Flood, we saw unnumbered ways that our expenditure is ruining the environment. What outcomes were most sad to you? What solutions supposing you delay the most optimism for the advenient?

2. Every November, we bear a hazard to accepted representatives delay our best interests in conciliate, whether that is concentratively or in Washington, D.C. If you were accepteded to function, what actions would you admit to secure a sustainable advenient for advenient generations?

3. During the most novel Presidential acceptedion, we voted not barely for a new head of the so-called “Free World,” but an separate who hypothetically has the capacity to set us on a new mode. How did the Trump government do in this esteem? What positions do you fancy the Biden government should follow? Do some investigation if inevitable.

4. The wrangle environing latitude diversify has been labeled as a misinformation hostilities. What arguments bear you heard on either party of the wrangle that bear been most impactful in creating your views? Bear any of these ideas been diversifyd consequently of this film?

5. Are you optimistic or pessimistic environing the advenient of our planet? Why?

6. The film is populated delay capacityful imagery, eye-popping statistics, and a press of ideas of how to speed a greener lifestyle. What was most capacityful and lively to you? What conciliate you recount your peers environing this film?

7. What socio-political issues or or-laws axioms do you failure to understand more environing delay esteem to the latitude turning-point compassion is confrontment?