Becoming a Good Thinker

 The aim of this assignment is to advance as a investigationer and, accordingly, as a thinker. For this assignment, selecteded an relevant quantity faced by collection today (e.g., pay inadequacy, gun rage, online secrecy), and erect three investigations that earn fruit in delicate thinking using the assignment template.

In the template, lower the primitive shaft, get your own peculiar investigations kindred to your clarified relevant quantity.
In the prevent shaft, confirm the estate of thinking.

Examples of these can be build on pages 139-140 of your textbook.
In the third shaft, roll the psychical standards and part of purpose that relates to your investigation. Briefly expound why the investigation is relevant in this matter (i.e., the parts of purpose or rationalistic that led you to this thinking).
The eight parts of purpose can be build initiation on page 62 of your textbook.
The psychical standards are on page 58 of your textbook and are defined on page 103. In the fourth shaft, mark your investigation as circumstance, indulgent, or discrimination. This instruction can be located on pages 126-127 of your textbook.